Sharing experience of renewal contract in Indonesia Embassy in Kuala Lumpur

One of the comment in my blog contains important information dealing with renewal contract of maid in KL’s Indonesia Embassy. I thank the writer, Mrs. Kamala & wait for similar sharing from other employer in other country.



Went to the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur this morning and got everything done. Arrived there at 8 am. The crowd was humungous. Got no 4007. Was called for document submission by 9.15am (they start work at 9 am) The officer was so polite and he also took time to explain to my maid about the things to be done in Surabaya to get the KTKLN. Waited until 11.15 am to get back the attested copy of the Employment contract.

This is the list of documents that I submitted today:

1. 3 copies – Employment contract (downloaded from Embassy website)
2. 2 copies – Maid’s passport
3. 2 copies – Employer’s IC(Husband)
4. 2 copies – Representative’s IC (Wife) – since I represented my husband
5. 2 copies – Surat Wakil signed by employer appointing wife to deal with the Embassy
6. 2 copies – Marriage certificate – to prove wakil is employer’s wife
7. 2 copies – Maid’s bank pass book – only the front cover that states maid’s name

Note : It seems that there is a ruling that TKI visiting the Embassy must wear shoes. There were a few ladies at the entry gate trying to sell terrible looking shoes to the TKI waiting in the queue. She tried to pursuade me to buy one for my maid but I refused. A few ladies actually fell for the scam and bought the shoes. However, we were not checked at all in the Embassy. But just in case, please ensure the maid/ other employees to wear proper shoes when visiting the Embassy. Who knows, they would be more stringent in the checking in future.

Thank you Pak Humari for the this blog. It was a definitely a great help. To all applicants, just make sure to take photocopies of all relevant documents before you go eventhough photocopy service is available there because the as I said early, the crowd was indeed humongous.

Kamala 🙂

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57 Balasan ke Sharing experience of renewal contract in Indonesia Embassy in Kuala Lumpur

  1. caffy berkata:

    Hi Humari,

    My maid’s 2 yrs contract/work permit will end in August’15 but she requests to go back Kupang for holiday in mid May’15 & will be back in July’15. Her passport will only expire in 2017.

    In that case, to get the KTKLN, is it a must for me to renew her work permit first before sending her back? I will get the new employment contract endorsed in Indonesia Embassy. But will only renew her work permit when she is back.

    Will she encounter problem in getting the KTKLN if her work permit expires soon.

  2. Brian berkata:

    Dear Humari, does the embassy asked for the maid’s insurance? And are there any fees involved to get the employment contract certified?

    • Humari berkata:

      As long as I know they don’t. Our BNP2TKI staff here in the airport will check the insurance of your maid when she leaves for your country to work again

  3. lee ying berkata:

    Dear Humari, my maid will be going home for a holiday . Her previous KTKLN has expired. She has signed a work contract in 2013 stating a one year or until such time contract is terminated . Do I still need to get a new contract from the Indonesian embassy for KTKLN renewal? She has been with our family for more than 10 years. Thank you.

  4. garynchris berkata:

    My maid wishes to return end of May 2015 to care for her mother and returns in mid-October 2015. Her permit expires early November 2015. She returned home before and came back to work with her KTKLN. It has now expired. Do we have to go through the same procedure all over again i.e. contract, insurance and etc at the Indonesian Embassy here in Malaysia? What about the E-KTKLN? What’s the difference? Thank you in advance.

    • Humari berkata:

      Yes, you need to provide renewal contract. About KTKLN & E-KTKLN, we will see within few weeks to come. I don’t even understand what the differences.

  5. garynchris berkata:

    Is it possible to download and print the contract from and get the embassy to attest?

  6. Mrs Gan berkata:

    Agreed with Pak Humari. I just came back from the embassy extend my maid’s passport. You can download the contract form and fill it up first. At counter 2, the officer will check.
    There is two form of insurance required. I only bought the Malaysian insurance and the officer at counter 2 requested for insurance in Indonesia which can be bought at the booth at the carpark next to the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. The insurance for Indonesia cost RM90 for 2 year.

  7. Adi berkata:

    Dear Humari,
    Thank you for this site.

    Like most commentators here, I figure I need to go to the Embassy to get contract for my maid done. Now, assumes that is done, with that contract, how smooth & quick the process for my maid to get the KTKLN from BNP2TKI Semarang Office (where her hometown is)? Reason I ask is that she will only be back for less than a week and only 3 public office working days would be available to her during that trip.

    Secondly, can you provide me link (from this site) to updated info on documents/things required for her KTKLN in that BNP2TKI Semarang Office?

  8. Siti Mahsuri berkata:

    Hi Humari,
    May I know if an employer can assisgn an agent to get the contract stamped from the Indonesian embassy?


  9. Jono berkata:

    Hi Kumari, Thank you for your informative blog. My helper will go home for a month and return just a few days before her current KTKLN card expires. Her work permit expires in December. Will she be granted entry back into Malaysia without a full year left on her KTKLN? Thanks in advance.

  10. Aileen Tan berkata:

    Hi Humari,

    My maid is currently back in Indonesia for vacation and will be back in ten days time. Thing is we hdnt realized that we had to apply for her new contract before she comes back to work again, which her work permit will already be expired. I did wrote a letter with my ic stating that she was back for vacation for three weeks and will be back to work for me again. Since her work permit will already be expired by the time she comes back, so there is no need for her to apply the KTKLN card in Indonesia right?i can still reapply a new work permit for her when she comes back to malaysia as a visitor right? Appreciate your prompt response as it is quite urgent. Thank You!

    • Humari berkata:

      Actually our government still apply KTKLN, but they rename it with E-KTKLN.

      But the inspection in the seaport and airport not as strict as used to be. So there is big chance that your maid will not find any obstacle when heading back to your country.

  11. Vin berkata:

    Hi Pak Humari,
    My maid has gone back to Indonesia for holidays with the contract but now she’s having problem coming back MY. Apparently ktkln is no longer in use, which I wasn’t aware of nor was I informed by the Indonesian gov officers at the embassy. KTP is required for the medical check. She doesn’t even have KTP and kartu keluarga. She applied for both and has been running up and down to their office for weeks now to get those sorted and today the officer cancelled her application due to some misunderstanding. Not sure what happened over there. This took place at Soe, NTT. Is there a way for her to do the checkup without ktp and come back to MY? Is it possible to apply both ktp and kartu keluarga at Indonesian embassy MY? Please advise. Thank you.

    • Humari berkata:

      To get KTP & KK she should visit ‘kantor kelurahan’ according to her where she live right now. First, come to Pak RT and ask for ‘surat pengantar’. Or she can pay Pak RT to have it processed (with some additional charge of course)

      • Ravin berkata:

        Hi Pak Humari. Thanks for your repose. She has received her ktp. Does she need to apply for ktkln as well? She’s afraid she might get stopped or have issues at immigration.

      • Humari berkata:

        Yes. No card/KTKLN will be given. But they will take your maid fingerprint. And the same thing will be done in the immigration counter in the airport.

      • John berkata:

        Dear Humari,

        I’m not sure where to post this so I’m doing it here. Planning to get married with an Indonesian gal who is on maid permit. She managed to get the kartu keluarga and birth certificate done during her trip to Indonesia last month. I have done my marital status cert at NRD Putrajaya. Now the Indonesian embassy has requested her for Surat bujang as well. How can she get this Surat without traveling back to Indonesia? It’s costly to go back. Also, in order for us to apply for marriage she will need to cancel maid permit and come into Malaysia as a visitor. Is it possible to have this done via immigration putrajaya to cancel the permit and request for special pass or something close to it? Kindly advise.

        Thank you.

      • Humari berkata:

        I am sorry, I don’t know the procedure in solving this matter. But in my opinion, if she plans to cancel the work permit, she need to visit the immigration office with her employer.

        About surat bujang, she can seek some assistance from her parents or relatives. Their parent or relative need to come to Kantor Kelurahan to get it. She doesn’t have to come back to Indonesia for that reason.

  12. KAYLYN berkata:


  13. Lee berkata:

    Hi.. Can the maid contract agreement attested by the Lawyer instead of the embassy/consulate?

  14. malida marjan berkata:

    Hi Pak Humari,

    Your blog is informative. I read comments above, just have some questions?
    – To renew the “Kontrak Kerja”, does the maid need 2 insurance? malaysia and indonesia?
    – if we bought the indonesia insurance near malaysian embassy, when she get her KTKLN before she come back, does she need to buy indonesia insurance again?
    – Does the indonesia insurance cover the same scope as the malaysia insurance?

    Appreciate your response in this matter and thank again for your blog.

    • Humari berkata:

      1. The insurance in Indonesia should be applied after you get the new contract attested by the embassy
      2. If her KTKLN is expired it means her insurance in Indonesia is the same status. When she renew it in Indonesia, she needs to pay for new insurance. It’s will be cheaper than previous one.
      3. No, it can be used only when she come home and she is sick.

      • Malida berkata:

        Hi Pak Humari.

        My maid went back and come back with no big hassle during e-KTKLN process… She said her documents became “example”…

        Thx for your informative blog…

      • Humari berkata:

        I am glad to hear that. Hopefully the information I write here will help others too.

  15. Dear Humari,

    Need some advice as I am a bit confused with the processes to send my maid for a months leave. I was told that she needs insurance in malaysia and also in Indonesia. Where can I purpose this insurance.can you advice what is the duration of the insurance coverage and the nature of the insurance cover.

    another question is on the maids bank book. we do not have a bank account for the maid. we have a qwick (CIMB) through which we manage her salary.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you very much


    • Humari berkata:

      If she has E-KTKLN or KTKLN card, it means she has Indonesian insurance. That’s simple.

      About the bank account, I don’t think it’s compulsory for now. When she leaves for vacation you need to make sure she has new contract. But if she has KTKLN card and it is not expired yet, she doesn’t have to pay any insurance. If the contract is expired you and your maid need to visit our embassy/consulate to renew the contract. Based on the new contract she will be able to apply for new E-KTKLN (which is including insurance)

  16. sepatu safety berkata:

    terima kasih sudah berbagi, Saya sangat mengapresiasi apa yang di ulas dalam artikel ini. saya merasakan yang begitu besar setela membaca beberapa artikel di site ini. Terima Kasih

  17. Mary John berkata:

    Thank you very much for your blog which is very informative. I would like to update as I went to renew my maid’s kontrak kerja today at the Kuala Lumpur Embassy.
    Maid must be present together with the employer.
    Documents needed are :
    1. 2 copies of the filled work contract form*
    2. 1 copy of employer’s IC
    3. 1 copy of insurance cover note ( both Malaysian and Indonesian)**
    4. 1 copy of maid’s passport (front page, permit, back page)
    If employer cannot be present, the representative must have :
    5. Letter of authorization / marriage certificate ( if spouse is doing the renewal)
    6. 1 copy of representative’s IC.

    * The form can be downloaded from the KBRI site for free from the Embassy counter
    ** The insurances can be bought in a kiosk next to the embassy, where there is parking.
    Indonesia insurance costs RM90 for 1 year while Malaysian insurance costs RM 90. I bought
    mine at the post office – RHB ( 2 years on plan B) + RM 15.40 (taxes).

    Basically if you hand in your docs in the morning, you can collect the contract in the afternoon.We arrived only at 2pm and had to wait till 2.30pm before the gates were opened – today being Friday.You then queue outside counter 2 to get the officer to check and hand in your docs. As we handed in only at 3.30pm, we have to go back on Monday afternoon to collect.
    No clarification regarding the KTKLN.
    Hope this info is useful.

    • Malida Marjan berkata:

      Thank for sharing Mary.

      Pak Humari,

      Does this mean- I don’t have to prepare my maid with the insurance money at Indonesia for the KTKLN/e-KTKLN card?
      Usually, when she is in Indonesia, related to documentation, she always at helpless situation, either misunderstood or those who assist asking to pay for “process fee”.
      Hopefully, this time, I can prepare her better.

      • Humari berkata:

        She need to prepare the money for insurance. It’s about IDR 290000 valid for two years. She also need to pay medical check up fee for about IDR 150000. Take all the papers required (passport, new contract with embassy attestation, ID Card/KTP, Family Certificate/KK, Birth Certificate/Akte Lahir or Certificate of Education) Tell her to directly visit BP3TKI office. Don’t ask anyone for assistance. Most of our maid doesn’t have self confidence to visit an office with its circumstance. Tell her to wear simple & formal dress with shoes. Tell her it’s a simple procedure only.

      • malida Marjan berkata:

        Pak Humari,

        We did the renewal contract and at the same time, beside the malaysia insurance, we also bought an indonesia insurance. My questions:
        1. When she visit BP3TKI before coming back to malaysia, she need to buy another insurance, IDR290000 is it?
        2. For the medical check up, IDR150000, she need to do before she go to BP3TKI office?
        3. If yes, what type of clinic she has to search for?
        4. If no, just pay it at the BP3TKI office?

        sorry for asking so details, since, I prefer to brief and equip her before she go back next week friday.


      • Humari berkata:

        1. Yes
        2. Yes. But there is a stand by doctor in BP3TKI office.
        3. See my reply above
        4. Yes.

  18. Jessica berkata:

    Hi Humari,
    My maid has been with us for more than 15 years and the last time she went home for holiday was 7 years ago. Means she has never returned home for 7 years. She is going back for holiday in July 2016 for 1 month and her passport is expired on 6Dec2016.
    My questions are:
    1: should I renew her passport now as by the time she coming back MY her passport only valid less than 4 months.
    2: she has no KTKLN card, so what should we do for her?
    3: can she apply KTKLN card as soon as she arrives Surabaya Airport?
    4: how soon can she get the KTKLN card done?
    5: can medical check-up done in Malaysia before she returns Indo?
    Please explain in details as my maid has not been returning home for such a long time one of the reason is she has no confident to obtain the KTKLN card. Thanks again

  19. Valrie Faraj berkata:

    Tks for sharing , very nice once felt reading in this blog, so more insight .. hopefully always given the health and success always ..

  20. Suzana berkata:

    Pak Humari,

    Thanks for sharing. just to reconfirm:

    I have renewed my maid’s passport last November together with Malaysian, Indonesian insurances and employment contract. She has KTKLN which she applied in 2015. She is going back to Indonesia for Raya leave starting next week from one and 1/2 month. Her work permit is still valid until Nov this year.

    1. Will she be having any problem to reenter Malaysia once she completes her leave?
    2. What are the documents required for her to bring back in order to ensure she will not be stopped from leaving Indonesia?

    Hope to hear from you soon Pak Humari.

  21. LIN berkata:

    Hi Pak Humari,

    My maid is went back home for her annual holiday. She’s been with us for almost 5 years, never once had she had trouble getting back to MY. This is the first time, they have asked her for the contract and paper work for home leave. and unfortunately, I’m on holiday in Bali and wont be back till later this week. She was schedule to fly later today back to KL. What can I do? Please help URGENT!!!

    Thank you

    • Humari berkata:

      I can’t help, I am sorry. Since the procedures are from our government.

      • Cheong berkata:


        My maid has gone back to Indonesia for a holiday and she will be returning on 15 September 2016. Before she returned to Indonesia, we did not renew her contract. On the other hand, her travel visa expires in July 2017.

        How should we go about this now ? Will she be able to come back to Malaysia on 15 September ?
        Or do we have to renew her contract before she comes back to Malaysia ? What would be the procedure ?

        Your explanation is greatly appreciated.
        Thanks !

      • Humari berkata:

        You need to renew it and send renewal contract to your maid. That’s all.

  22. Sharon Tan berkata:

    Hello Pak Humari,

    Thank you for a very informative blog. I’ve a few urgent questions that I hope you can help me with. My Indonesian helper is going back for a holiday tomorrow after completing her contract. I’ve renewed her work permit through the Malaysian Immigration but I did not realize that I needed to get a Perjanjian Kontrak Baru that has been endorsed by the Indonesian embassy!

    1. Can you kindly let me know if I can still apply for this document once she has left the country? If so, what is the procedure and are there additional documents that I should bring?
    2.Do I need her to write any letter given that she will not be with me when I go to the embassy?
    2. How many copies will she need (do they all need to be endorsed by the embassy?)
    3. Her work permit states that her employer’s address is in Sarawak; is it true that I cannot apply for her Perjanjian Kontrak Baru in the KL Indonesian embassy, rather I will need to do it in the Kuching Indonesian consulate?

    Thank you in advance.


    • Humari berkata:

      1. You need to come to the embassy with your maid. About the papers required, I don’t know for sure, but just bring all the papers related to your ID
      2. You need to come with her. No other option
      3. If the contract renewal is approved, embassy will provide you and your maid all the papers required by our BNP2TKI (labor ministry)
      4. Should be renewed in Kuching.

      Sorry to reply you late.

  23. Koh berkata:

    will follow this thread.. thanks for informative blog. Maid is going back only next yr, 2017. She went back once in 2013 where i applied her KTKTN without issue. Hope next year is the same… 🙂

  24. George berkata:

    Hi Humari,

    My maid just went back to Semarang for holiday and is returning to Malaysia in mid-January’17. In Aug’16 she got her work permit, Indonesia&Malaysia insurance, passport and kontrak kerja renewed. But her KTKLN has expired. We had checked with two other relative’s maids who went back (Surabaya & Jogjakarta) for holiday in Jun16 & Aug16 and returned without the need for KTKLN.
    1) Does that mean they’re both using E-KTKLN?
    2) Anyway I can check if my maid has E-KTKLN?
    3) Will there be any different rules for Semarang?

    Thanks for your help in advance..

    • Humari berkata:

      Actually the E-KTKLN is still applied. But there are friction between our BNP2TKI (the board which manage the procedure of Indonesian overseas worker) and our immigration. I can’t explain further. But if anyone ask me whether E-KTKLN is still applied or not, of course yes. Referred to our law.
      So these are my answers to your questions:
      1. No they don’t
      2. Yes. Click (It’s in bahasa but you simply type passport no of your maid in space below ‘Cek E-KTKLN’)
      3. No. The same rule applied all over Indonesia.

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