Untuk BP3TKI Serang…….

Seorang majikan mengirim saya tulisan di bawah ini mengenai penyimpangan yang dilakukan BP3TKI Serang di bandara Soekarno Hatta saat melayani TKI PLRT yang memperpanjang kontrak.

Masukan untuk BNP2TKI dan pemerintah pada umumnya.


Hi Pak Humari,

Thank you for your reply.
After reading your blog, now I have clearer picture about the KTKLN and its regulation.

Just for sharing…

I brought her to Jakarta to visit my relatives there for 3 days only.
We are not aware about the regulation of KTKLN, nor my maid. What she knew is there is no fee for making / extending this card. Also, she remembers did not pay any money when the first time she got this card.

My maid went herself to the KTKLN booth in the airport at level 1 and we were waiting for her at level 2 outside the immigration.
It took her for so long to extend her card, after almost 45 minutes, she came back crying.

My maid told me she was bully by the officer in duty at the KTKLN booth, BP3TKI – Serang terminal 3 Soekarno-Hatta airport.
Surprisingly, we found someone has uploaded this officer face in the youtube when I was searching for more info regarding the KTKLN.
Instead explaining / advising her how to re-new her KTKLN card, the officer scolded her for not having enough money to pay for the insurance.
He insisted my maid to pay Rp. 400.000 for 2 years insurance.
She told us the officer make it difficult to extend her card as she did not bring the employment contract and she requested for insurance to be extended for 1 year only ( as she will not continue working with us anymore after her permit expire in April’14, she has been working with us for almost 6 years ).

She said the officer scolded her and insisted her to pay for Rp. 400.000. Finally after begging and scolded by the officer, she was allowed to pay the insurance for 1 year and paid only Rp. 170.000 But, she need to wait for so long to get her card. She almost thought that they will not give her the card although she paid them already.

My purpose telling my maid story here is just to share how bad is the attitude of the officer. They are not there to help these TKI.
They should be more transparent in explaining the regulation and help them to find a solution if these TKI faces problem in renewing the card.
Not simply just tell them to pay a certain amount of money or cheated them by asking the wrong fee.
If there is any new / changes / revised regulation, all these TKI should be informed.
I believe a lot of maid only realize they need to make the KTKLN card on the day they are going to board the flight.

Hope proper training was given to the KTKLN officer…

Thank you.

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  1. Dedi berkata:

    sebenarnya biaya pembuatan KTKLN berapa ya … ??

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