About KTKLN & renewal contract for Indonesian housemaid

Latest update: 6 April 2016

Notes: Our president has stated that KTKLN will no longer use. But since it’s written in our law, it takes time for his statement to be applied. Currently our goverment and parliament revise the 39 Tahun 2004 law (concerning the placement of Indonesian overseas worker in foreign country). Now they issue E-KTKLN instead.  The procedure is still the same.

If you read thing posting I assume you must have been employer of our housemaid for at least two years. I thank you for that. And in my opinion only an employer who is satisfied with our maid performance who will seek some info about renewal contract and KTKLN which our housemaid should have to take when heading back to their employment country.

For the last two years, KTKLN is a ‘big issue’ for every employer especially when their Indonesian maid will leave for vacation. Hopefully after reading this writing, KTKLN will not be big problem for you anymore.

KTKLN is Kartu Tenaga Kerja Luar Negeri in English translation it means Card of Overseas Worker. Actually it’s an effort done by our government in this case BNP2TKI (National Board of Placement & Protection of Indonesian Overseas Worker) to collect data of every TKI (Indonesian Overseas Worker). Once they get KTKLN means their data has been saved by BNP2TKI.

So how to get KTKLN for your housemaid?

Firstly, you and your housemaid need to visit nearest Indonesia embassy/consulate, to get new contract. The contract should be signed by you, your housemaid and attested by embassy/consulate staff.

When leaving for vacation, your housemaid has to take the new contract with her and later on for having KTKLN, prior to flying back to employment country she must visit one of these offices:

List of Address of Balai Pelayanan Penempatan dan Perlindungan Tenaga Kerja Indonesia (BP3TKI)

Balai Pelayanan Penempatan dan Perlindungan Tenaga Kerja Indonesia (BP3TKI)

  1. BP3TKI Aceh, Jln. Soekarno Hatta No. 17, Banda Aceh, Provinsi D.I Aceh,   Tlp. 0651- 7410355, Fax. 0651- 49186
  2. BP3TKI Medan, Jln. Pendidikan No.357, Marindal, Medan, Provinsi Sumatera Utara,                                   Tlp./Faks. 061-7869304,
  3. BP3TKI Tanjung Pinang, Jln. Nusantara KM 13 Arah Kijang, Tanjung Pinang, Provinsi Kepulauan Riau,                Tlp. 0771-7004553 , Fax. 0771-8038621
  4. BP3TKI Pekanbaru, Jln. Taman Sari Gg. Taman Sari I Kel. Tangkerang Selatan, Pekanbaru, 28282, Provinsi Riau, Tlp./Fax 0761- 38894,
  5. BP3TKI Padang, Jl. Rasuna Said No.91,Padang, Sumatera Barat. Tlp.0751- 444757, Fax. 0751-444757
  6. BP3TKI Palembang, Jl. Dwikora II No.1220 Palembang 30137, Provinsi Sumatera Selatan, Tlp. 0711-312062,   Fax. 0711-365606
  7. BP3TKI Bandar Lampung, Jl. Untung Suropati No.21A, Labuhan Ratu, Bandar Lampung 35142, Tlp. 0721-774385
  8. BP3TKI Jakarta, Jl. Pengantin Ali I No. 71, Ciracas, Jakarta Timur, Provinsi DKI Jakarta, Tlp. 021- 87781840,      Fax. 021- 87781841
  9. BP3TKI Serang, Jln. Ciwaru Raya Komp. Depag No. 2, Serang, Provinsi Banten, Tlp. 0254-204970,                      Fax. 0254-207963
  10. BP3TKI Bandung, Jl. Soekarno Hatta No. 587 Kiara Condong, Bandung, Provinsi Jawa Barat, 40234,             Tlp/Fax. 022-7336965
  11. BP3TKI Yogyakarta, Jl. Sambisari No. 311A Juwangen, Purwomatani, Kalasan, Sleman, Yogyakarta,                  Tlp: 0274-497403, Fax. 0274-497442
  12. BP3TKI Semarang, Jl. Kalipepe III/64 Pundak Payung, Semarang, Provinsi Jawa Tengah, 50236,                            Tlp. 024-70799273, Fax. 024-7477223
  13. BP3TKI Denpasar, Jl. Danau Tempe No 29, Denpasar, Bali, Telp. (0361) 4721057, Faks. (0361) 4721099
  14. BP3TKI Mataram, Jl Adi Sucipto No. 9 Mataram, Provinsi Nusa Tenggara Barat, Telp: 0370-633797,                  Fax: 0370 639712
  15. BP3TKI Kupang, Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan I No. 6 Kel. Oebufu Kupang, Provinsi Nusa Tenggara Timur,                  Tlp. 0380-825355, Fax. 0380-839653
  16. BP3TKI Banjar Baru, Jln. Rosela I No. 17 Simpang 4 Sei Ulin, Banjar Baru, Provinsi Kalimantan Selatan,            Telp. 0511- 4781638, Fax. 0511-4782352
  17. BP3TKI Pontianak, Jl. Urai Bawadi No. 82 B Pontianak, Provinsi Kalimantan Barat, Tlp. 0561-741564                  Fax. 0561- 760566
  18. BP3TKI Nunukan, Jl. Raya Tien Soeharto No. 12 Nunukan, Provinsi Kalimantan Timur, Tlp. 0556-21018,            Fax. 0556-21018
  19. BP3TKI Manado, Jl. Babe Palar No. 96 Manado, Provinsi. Sulawesi Utara, 95115, Tlp/Fax : 0431850696
  20. BP3TKI Makassar, Jl. Pacinang Raya No. 104 Tello Baru, Makassar,   Tlp. 0411-425038, Fax. 0411- 425039


Loka Pelayanan Penempatan dan Perlindungan Tenaga Kerja Indonesia (LP3TKI)

  1. LP3TKI Palu, Jl. Swadaya No.8A, Palu, Sulawesi Tengah, Tlp./Fax. 0451-481132
  2. LP3TKI Kendari, Jl. Kancil Lorong Ganesha No.1, Anduonohu, Kendari Sulawesi Tenggara. Tlp./Fax. 0401-3195094
  3. LP3TKI Gorontalo, Jl. Rambutan Kel. Hunangobotu, Kec. Dungingi, Kota Gorontalo, Sulawesi Utara.            Tlp/Fax: 0435-824878
  4. LP3TKI Surabaya, Jl. Jemursari No.99 Wonocolo, Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Tlp. 031-8434448


Pos Pelayanan Penempatan dan Perlindungan Tenaga Kerja Indonesia (P4TKI)

  1. P4TKI Aceh Tamiang, Jl. Ir. Juanda, Kab. Aceh Tamiang, Aceh
  2. P4TKI Tanjung Balai Asahan, Jl. SM Raja No.445, Kisaran, Kab. Asahan, Tlp/Faks. 0623- 43338
  3. P4TKI Tanjung Balai Karimun, Jl. Teluk Air No. 26, Tanjung Balai Karimun, Tlp: 0777-22840,
  4. P4TKI Batam, Jl. Komp. Ruko Green Land Blok E No. 3A, Batam Center, Kepulauan Riau, Tlp: 0778 – 3154130
  5. P4TKI Dumai, Jl. Pauh Jaya No.4, Jaya Mukti, Riau Tlp: 0765-337270
  6. P4TKI Jambi, Jl. Yos Sudarso, Kec. Kerinci, Sungai Penuh, Jambi, Tlp: 0748-323808
  7. P4TKI Bekasi, Jl Raya Jati Mekar No.189C-D Jati Asih, Bekasi Selatan, Jawa Barat. Tlp. 021-84976800,              Fax. 021-84976700
  8. P4TKI Cirebon, Jl. Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa No.1, Kedaung, Kab. Cirebon Tlp. 0231-484043
  9. P4TKI Cilacap, Jl. Soekarno Hatta No.144 Rt.02 Rw.04, Desa Karangkandri, Kec. Kesugihan, Kab. Cilacap, 53232, Tlp. 0282-5071810, Fax. 0282-5071811, Email: p4tkicilacap@gmail.com
  10. P4TKI Pemalang, Ruko Sapphire Residence, Blok B-7, Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan, Pemalang Provinsi Jawa Tengah Telp. (0284) 323827
  11. P4TKI Tangerang, Komp. taman Royal, Ruko Palem No.26-27, Jl. Benteng Betawi, Poris Tangerang, Provinsi Banten Tlp.021-29003910, Email: bp3tki_serang@yahoo.com
  12. P4TKI Palangkaraya, Jl. Tjilik Riwut Km.7, Palangkaraya, Kalimantan Tengah
  13. P4TKI Sambas, Jl.Sukamantri, Desa Dalam Kaum No.40 Kabupaten Sambas. Tlp.0562-391163
  14. P4TKI Entikong, Jl. Poros Malindo, Kec. Entikong, Kab. Sangbaru, Kalimantan barat. Tlp. 0564-2032741
  15. P4TKI Pare-pare, Jln. Jendral Ahmad Yani Km. 7, Poris Sidrap, Sanggau, Tlp. 0421-3311716,                               Fax. 0421-3311715
  16. P4TKI Mamuju, Jl. K.S Tubun No.29, Kel. Rimuku, Kab. Mamuju, Sulawesi Barat. Tlp.081342122895
  17. P4TKI Maumere, Jl. Soekarno – Hatta No.40, Maumere, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Tlp. 0382-21140
  18. P4TKI Sumba, Jl. Mata Wai Amahu No.83, Sumba, Nusa Tenggara Timur. Tlp. 0387- 61681
  19. P4TKI Labuhan Bajo, Jl. Yohanes Suhadun, Komp. Perundi, Labuhan Bajo, Tlp. 0385 – 42141
  20. P4TKI Sukabumi, Jl.Lingkar Selatan RT.02 RW.06, Kel. Jayaraksa, Kec. Baros, Kab. Sukabumi, Jawa Barat.         Telp. 0266 – 243920
  21. P4TKI Banyuwangi, JL. H.O.S Cokroaminoto No. 30 Banyuwangi, Jawa Timur, Tlp.0333-3381253,                   Email :p4tki.banyuwangi@gmail.com
  22. P4TKI Sidoarjo, Jl. Diponegoro No. 14 Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur, Tlp./Fax. 031-8051861,                                           Email :p4tki.sidoarjo@gmail.com
  23. P4TKI Madiun, GOR Pangeran Timoer, Mejayan, Caruban, Madiun, Jawa Timur, Tlp. 0813-5755-3754,          Email: p4tkimadiun@gmail.com
  24. P4TKI Malang, Jl. Raya Sulfat No.58 Malang, Jawa Timur, Tlp./Faks. 0341-478451,                                              Email: p4tki.malang@yahoo.com

Choose the nearest one of course. Since they’re govermental offices, they only open in weekday, 9 am – 3 pm.

When visiting the office, tell your housemaid to take with them

1. Original renewal contract attested by embassy/consulate,

2. Passport with visa,

3. Money as much as IDR 290,000 (around USD 20) for insurance payment (valid for two years),

4. Id card (KTP).

5. Some offices will ask for ‘surat keterangan sehat’ & provide a stand by doctor to check every worker with renewal contract. But some don’t. So it’s better to get ‘surat keterangan sehat’ from nearest Public Health Center or hospital where your maid reside.

No KTKLN counter in our airport.

If your housemaid plans to get KTKLN card in one of BP3TKI/P4TKI offices, it’s better to spare 1-2 days (usually it only takes one day). She can’t be represented by anybody else because her photo and fingerprint will be collected by BP3TKI staff.

If you’re Malaysian employer, you need to click this sentence for further info.

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517 Balasan ke About KTKLN & renewal contract for Indonesian housemaid

  1. Jane Pang berkata:

    If I want bring my maid go holiday at Bandung, I need to apply KTKLN for her?

    • Humari berkata:

      If she has already and it’s still valid, you need not.

      • Jane Pang berkata:

        No. She hasn’t apply before. Can I apply online?

      • Humari berkata:

        Only application, click http://ktkln.bnp2tki.go.id/tkiprof.htm

        Still she must come personally to nearest BP3TKI to take it.

      • Jane Pang berkata:

        After sumit the application, she can go to take her KTKLN anytime? We will go bandung at July. Can I apply online now? Have any document need to bring to take her KTKLN?

      • Humari berkata:

        Yes. About the docs required for getting KTKLN, please read my posting above.

      • Lisa berkata:

        Our maid has been working for 10 months with me. We plan to bring her to Bandung for holiday in June 2016. I understand that she needs to have KTKLN when she comes back to Singapore. I plan to apply KTKLN in BTKPI Bandung.

        1. Will the officer require her employment contract attested by Indonesian Embassy? I have her first contract issued my maid agenct which will due June 2017.

        2. Is it still required to endorse my maid’s pasport with Singapore address at the back of her passport?

        Please advise. Thanks.

      • Humari berkata:

        Check her current card. If she has the card which is valid until June 2017, she doesn’t have to apply for new card. If it is expired, you need to visit our embassy first.

  2. Jane Pang berkata:

    Her contract end at August , then we will go Bandung at July, like that we need to renew our contract at embassy?

  3. Sri Wahyuni berkata:

    salam sejahtera
    pak saya TKW cuti masa berlaku re entry visa hingga 31 agustus 2013, paspor saya habis masa berlakunya tgl 16 juli 2013 pertanyaan
    1. seandainya saya kembali ke saudi bukankah harus memperpanjang masa berlaku paspor saya dan juga membikin KTKLN sebelum waktu penerbangan, masalahnya PJTKI yg memberangkatkan sya dulu membuat biodata saya tidak sesuai dengan biodata asli saya (istilahnya di tua kan agar bisa ke LN) tahun kelahiran di paspor (Cilacap,19 mei1983) tidak sesuai dengan KTP, ijazah, akte, kartu KK asli yang saat ini masih berlaku yaitu (Cilacap,19 mei 1992).
    2. saat mbikin KTKLN syaratnya kan pake KTP, sedangkan KTP dan paspor saya tahun kelahirannya tidak sesuai, bagaimana memperbaiki tahun kelahiran di paspor agar sesuai dengan biodata asli saya yang bertanggal 19 mei 1992 itu,,??
    3. seandainyapun bisa diperbaiki apakah akan mengeluarkan biaya yang banyak,,??
    mohon pencerahannya, terima kasih

    • Humari berkata:

      1. Ya, Anda harus memperpanjang paspor. Baiknya Anda membuat paspor dengan data yang asli. Karena bagaimanapun itu adalah identitas. Akan lebih sulit memang karenanya urus dari sekarang.

      2. Kuncinya kalau Anda buat paspor, bikin yang sesuai KTP. KK, Akte lahir dan ijazah. Kalau semua sudah sama takkan masalah kok.

      3. Saya tak terlalu tahu. Tiap imigrasi beda ‘kebijakan’ soal satu ini. Tapi yang jelas tak bisa secepat bila data Anda tak bermasalah. Bisa makan waktu sebulan.

  4. Sri Wahyuni berkata:

    dulu saya juga ragu mau berangkat pak, karena pihak PJTKI yg nda bener itu mengubah tahun kelahiran saya tanpa memberitahu saya sebelumnya, tiba2 waktu mau pasporan saya di suguhi biodata yg harus saya hafalkan.huuffh
    ya sudahlah
    sekarang harus kemana saya meluruskan kesalahan itu,,,??

    • Humari berkata:

      Tandanya saat itu Anda belum cukup usia untuk kerja ke luar negeri. Kalau kesalahannya cuma ada di paspor ya Anda harus datang ke imigrasi.

  5. Sri Wahyuni berkata:

    boleh tau alamat kantor imigrasi terdekat daerah tangerang dimana…??

  6. Tricia Leong berkata:

    Hello! Thank you for the detailed info re the Overseas workers card. I would like to inquire re my helper’s KTKLN card which is expiring in May 2013. She will be going back for her Hari Raya home leave in Aug 2013. Pls can you advise what is required to renew her KTKLN card. Do we need to go to the Indonesia embassy to get her employment contract endorsed before she returns to Indonesia in August? Is she still allowed to carry on to work if the KTKLN card expires in May 2013? (Her employment contract ends Apr 2014). Thank you ver much. Any advise is most appreciated.

    • Humari berkata:

      She needs to visit BP3TKI to get new overseas worker card. Tell her to take the current contract (which is valid until next year), visa, passport, id card (KTP in our languange) and money to pay insurance.

  7. Ikbal kaur berkata:

    I have an Indonesian maid whose KTKLN card will expire on 6/12/2013. She does not want to go back to Indonesia this year. How do I renew her card?

  8. Ikbal kaur berkata:

    Thank you very much for the information.

  9. Hello, My maid just went home today for her vacation. Unfortunately, even with all her documentation well prepared, she was declined being issued a KTKLN because she is illiterate. She has work with us for 6 years and that her permit is valid until 2014. Why is she being treated that way? No one informed us that she has to fill in any forms. All the available literature on this issue even from the KTKLN pdf document did not mention any other forms need to be filled. She called and said that she need to fill up 3 pages of forms and when she is not able, her request for KTKLN was declined. She has all her documents ready, the contract endorsed by the Indonesian Embassy, her work permit, the PROTEKSI which we paid at the Indonesian Embassy, a letter saying that she is on vacation and her KTP? Where can she request for help. We are saddened with this news and my kids are devastated when they found out she might not come back. Please help. Note: She went to the Bandung KTKLN branch.

    • Humari berkata:

      Ms. Aniza, BP3TKI will instantly refuse to issue KTKLN if they found the housemaid (or any other worker) illiterate. The decision is based on our law. I can’t help anything, I am sorry.

    • anuuar berkata:

      Aniza, she cant be illiterate if she’s been working in Singapore for 6 years!!! The thing is money talk in Indonesia, I learn my lesson to have more cash if you want everything goes smoothly. sad but true! only last weekend I didn’t know or being informed that we can’t made KTLN at the airport and almost missed my flight, then one of the guy at the airport office point out to a another guy if I’m desperately want to go back to Singapore to ask him to process my document which cost me Rp. 1.5 mill rupiah. Viola…5 minutes later I have my KTLN. What make me frustrate is the immigration never check or ask about my KTLN EVER. and I’ve been inside out from Jakarta singapore Bali.
      I do understand about/behind KTLN, and I think is Great but I just hope someday they don’t change the rule very often or making it difficult on how to renew it! no offense Humari.

  10. Zura berkata:

    1. If due date of card is 27 february 2013, is it a problem if my maid go back to indonesia and return before 27 february ie going back 2 feb and coming back to msia on 20 february.
    2. Is it ok to travel in february if passport due date is in april 2013? Tq

  11. Kelly berkata:

    Hi, my maid has a problem renewing her KTKLN card which expires on 6 July 2013. She is due back on 12th June 2013 but when when went to renew her KTKLN, she was informed that they’re unable to renew as the contract that she brought back to Indonesia with her which we signed last year when we renewed her passport expires on 7th June 2013.

    1) Can my maid still come back to Malaysia on 12 June 2013 without renewing her KTKLN card which will expire on 6 July 2013?

    2) If not, then how do I get the new contract signed without my maid in the Indonesian embassy?

    Your prompt response is much appreciated as my maid only informed me today when we went to do the KTKLN card.


    • Humari berkata:

      1. No. She must renew it.

      2. I don’t quite understand the procedure in Indonesia embassy in your country. But based on our experience to renew the contract directly without agency involvement, you need to visit embassy with your housemaid. If she’s not, you’d better contact the agency to get the contract.

  12. Noora berkata:

    Hello, my maid is going back for home leave on 18 June 2013. Her KTKLN card expires only in 2014. But she has renewed her contract with me till 2015. Does she need to renew her KTKLN. There is no other plans for travel to Indon after her KTKLN expires. Please advise.

  13. Aquzcya Adrch berkata:

    teman ku pulang ke bali,,tapi kenapa pas balik lagi ke s’pore,, dia tidak bikin KTKLN

    • Humari berkata:

      Ke Singapura dengan visa kerja? Atau visa lainnya? Profesi teman Anda sebagai apa? Kalau PLRT (Penata Laksana Rumah Tangga), hampir pasti diminta untuk mengurus pendataan dan membayar asuransi dulu di BP3TKI. Setelah itu KTKLN keluar otomatis.

  14. Ema berkata:

    Salam, for contract do we need to get the contract from Indonesian Embassy or we can just fill any contract and get it endorsed at embassy?
    If must use the contract from indonesian embassy, can we download the contract from their website or we still have to get the hardcopy from embassy?

  15. dinda imut berkata:

    maaf numpang tanya..kalau buat ktkln harus pakai ktp tdk..?kalau ktp ilang atau ada dikampung (jawa} sedangkan mau buat ktkln nya dibatam, gimana ya penyelesaiannya ?

  16. Yusuf Kurniawan berkata:

    Mhn penjelasannya,sy seorg pelaut bkrj di spore & mempunyai work permit dr negara tmpt sy bkrj,apa perlu sy bt KTKLN lg…..?Thks utk pnjlsnya.

  17. nor berkata:

    My maid will be spending her holiday in her hometown in Indonesia this August. May I know if she can make/get her KTKLN at P4TKI in Cilacap?

    Thank you very much. This site really is informative and helpful.

  18. Lay Ling How berkata:

    Hi, my maid contract will be end at Nov’13 & she wish to continue her permit with us but she would like to go back to her home town at Oct’13 for 1 month. She do not have this KTKLN card & what can we do now to ensure she can come back after her holiday?

    Thank you very much, this site really helpful.

    • Humari berkata:

      Prior to her returning to Indonesia, you and your housemaid need to visit Indonesian embassy to get new contract attested by the embassy. When your housemaid in Indonesia, before she flies back to your country she must make KTKLN by visiting the nearest BP3TKI office (see the addresses above) and pay around IDR 400.000 for insurance valid for two years.

  19. Eleanor Ng berkata:

    My maid is going back for Hari Raya in August 2013 and she needs to get a new KTKLN card as it expires in July 2013. I have already renewed her work permit for 2 years till July 2015. I understand that I need to bring her to the Indon Embassy in Singapore to endorse her work contract plus her passport for home leave. Can this be done all within a day ? Thank you.

  20. Elle B berkata:

    Humari, you have been a great help to many who have written in here. Thank You!!
    Now, I hope you can help me too.
    My maid is flying back to Bandung on 27thJuly (Saturday) for Hari Raya holidays. She has valid work permit renewed till 27th July 2014, passport valid till 2017 , return flight tickets and work contract from the Indonesian Consulate here in Penang dated July 2012. A check with the Consulate lately, the staff says it is alright to use the existing work contract. Her KTKLN expires July 2013 and so, she needs to renew it.
    My questions are :-
    1. Can we apply and obtain the KTKLN card ON THE SAME DAY at the Bandung Airport ?
    2. Can this be done when she flies in to Bandung on a Saturday at 7:30am ?
    3. How and where does she pays the Proteksi or Insurance? Is it compulsory ?

    I am anxious to know because my maid is young and scared to approach people. I might need to accompany her. I have also heard that there is alot of forms to fill up. Is it true? And If she does not know how to fill it up, her application might get rejected for illetaracy?!! This will cause a lot of distress for her not knowing to return to her kampung or stay in Bandung to accomplish this requirement.
    Your help is so greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    • Humari berkata:

      1. No. There’s no KTKLN counter in Bandung. Your housemaid need to visit BP3TKI Bandung: Jl Soekarno Hatta No: 587 Kiara Condong, Bandung, Telp: 022-7336965 Fax: 022-7336965;

      2. They open Monday to Friday only

      3. In BP3TKI Bandung.

      Yes there’s a form to fill up. Yes, if they find your maid is illiterate, they may reject her application. Tell her to bring someone to accompany her. I don’t know the situation at BP3TKI office in Bandung but in Jakarta only applicant may enter the waiting room.

  21. Lynn berkata:

    Can the KTKLN form be downloaded so that I can fill it up for my maid before she goes back for holiday?

  22. Kenny berkata:

    Hi, Can I know if the KTKLN can still be done at the Jakarta Airport ? My maid will be flying from Yogakarta to Jakarta then to Malaysia. Where is in your opinion best to do the KTKLN? Any counter at the Yogakarta airport ?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Humari berkata:

      There’s no KTKLN counter in Yogyakarta airport. The one in Jakarta airport also has been closed since Feb 2013.

      Tell your maid to visit BP3TKI Yogyakarta Jl Candi Sambisari No: 311 A, Juwangen Purwomartani Kalasan Sleman, Yogyakarta, Telp: 0274-497403 Fax: 0274-497403;

  23. NK berkata:

    Hi Humari,

    Thank you for such a nice post.

    I would like to ask if I am bringing my Indonesian Domestic Helper with us to travel to Hong Kong and Singapore from Malaysia, any documents that is needed for us to prepare so that she may pass the immigration smoothly when she travels back with us?

    Appreciate your help

  24. fiona berkata:

    Dear Humari,

    My maid went back to denpasar on Monday for Hari Raya holiday. She went to the KTKLN office with all the proper documents to do her KTKLN card but was told to get a medical check first. Is it compulsory to get the medical check up? Pls Advise!

    • Humari berkata:

      There is a stand by doctor in BP3TKI. If there’s no she need to visit nearest Puskesmas (Community Health Center) to get the doctor’s certificate. It is not compulsory. But some BP3TKI staff will ask for it.

  25. Chin berkata:

    Hi Humari,

    Thank you for your information. it is so useful.

    My question is :
    My current maid who worked for me for 4yrs, she got her passport renewed in Indonesian Embassy in Singapore and valid till 2017. Her work permit valid till Jan 2015. However, her KTKLN card already expired.

    Can i still bring her to Batam/Bintan or Bali for holiday? Will she need a valid KTKLN card to come back from Batam/Bintan or Bali?

    Heard from some friend that sometime the custom don’t bother to ask for KTKLN card cos they know these maids are any other holiday makers. While some say YES. Really appreciate your advise soon.

    Thank you.

    • Humari berkata:

      Yes, sometimes they will ask for it, some other times they don’t. If it is, she can make KTKLN in Batam/Bintan or Bali. It’s better to prepare the papers.

  26. Melissa berkata:

    Hi Humar,

    My Maid will be going back to Indonesia for hari raya on 3 Aug .Her work permit and KTKLN expire Nov 2013.her passport expir 2016. Does she need to renew KTKLN or will have no problem to come back?

  27. Susi berkata:

    Hi Humari,
    Saya tki bekerja di singapore dan sekarang saya sedang cuti dan tanggal 17 agustus nanti saya harus kembali ke singapore untuk kembali bekerja, saya tidak punya kartu KTKLN dan saya pulang dengan membawa persyaratan untuk membuat KTKLN.
    Sepengetahuan saya sekarang kan sudah mendekati lebaran dan sudah pasti kator BP3TKI libur, dan yang menjadi pertanyaan saya adalah tanggal berapa kah kantor BP3TKI kembali beroperasi/bekerja dan saya bisa membuat kartu KTKLN?
    Itu saja pertanyaan saya..
    Terima kasih

  28. Sri berkata:

    Hi. I’m currently at Medan with my Indonesian Maid. She has no KTKLN card. As she is traveling with me to Indonesia and returning to M’sia together this Saturday. Do I need to apply the KTKLN card although traveling with “employer/majikan?” If the card is necessary, can I apply here at Medan Indonesia today? How long will it take in Medan? She has work permit valid until Nov 2013.

    • Humari berkata:

      Yes, you can get it in Medan. Their address: Medan: Jl Asrama No: 143 Medan – 20126, Telp: 061-8476659, 8443886 Fax: 061-8463413.

      You need to come with your maid. Take with you: maid’s passport, visa, new contract from Indonesia embassy/consulate and IDR 400.000 for insurance.

  29. watinah berkata:

    Yth Bpk Humari
    saya TKI di Singapura. ingin memperpanjang KTKLN saya desember thn ini.
    passport saya expired nanti di thn 2016. kontrak kerja dari embassy dibuat September 2011 pada saat memperpanjang passport.
    pertanyaan nya : apakah saya perlu membuat perjanjian kerja lagi sebelum saya pulang cuti? karena setahu saya perjanjian kerja berlaku selama passport saya masih berlaku/belum expired.
    mohon penjelasan nya dan terima kasih

    • Humari berkata:

      Kontrak untuk pekerja informal (rumah tangga) paling lama 2 tahun. Sengaja dibatasi KBRI, karena khawatir ada penyimpangan. Dan pihak pemerintah kita secara berkala juga mengubah besaran upah per bulan. Jadi lihat lagi di kontrak Anda. Di situ ada masa berlaku dan kapan kadaluarsanya kontrak tersebut.

  30. Soleha berkata:

    Hi Humari,trims yah udah ngejelasin banyak hal tentang ktkln.
    Saya mau tanya apa saja syarat kalau untuk renew contract di embassy?
    Apa mereka akan mempertanyakan tentang gaji & offday,dll?
    Apa untuk itu dikenakan biaya?
    Terima kasih

    • Humari berkata:

      Kalau Anda bekerja untuk perusahaan (bukan privat seperti di rumah tangga) Anda tidak perlu renew kontrak di embassy. Cukup renew kontrak yang ditandatangani pihak berwenang di perusahaan. Nanti kontrak itu ditunjukkan kepada BP3TKI/P4TKI.

      Tapi kalau Anda bekerja di perumahan, embassy akan tanya itu ke majikan. Sebab majikanlah yang paling berwenang di rumah mereka sendiri. Memang ada biaya, tapi berbeda di setiap embassy. Saya sendiri tak tahu detilnya. Yang jelas tak mahal dan yang bayar juga majikan.

  31. Jamie berkata:


    Wld u know if there is a renewal office in Batam/Bintan?

  32. Gayathri berkata:

    Hi my maid has a KTKLN card that is valid till 30/1/2014. However her contract is due for renewal in October 2013 which I will of course carry out in Singapore and get her a new work permit. She is going to go on holiday with us to Bali in October (after her contract is renewed). Will she be able to return with her current KTKLN?

  33. Linda berkata:

    My maid’s KTKLN will expire in Jun 2014 & her work permit will expire May 2014 & her passport will expire in 2017.

    1. If I take her for 4-5 days holiday in Bandung in Dec13, will she have problem departing Indonesia?

    2. If she wants to renew her work permit in May14 without having plans for home leave next year, must she renew her KTKLN?

    Thanks for your help!1

  34. Rin berkata:

    Selamat pagi Humari..

    Terima kasih dengan info yg dikongsikan di sini..sgt berguna dan membantu.
    Sekadar inginkan penjelasan maklumat yg harus diisi di borang permohonan KTKLN. DI bahagian VIsa…ada ditanya ‘tanggal kembali ke Indonesia’. Saya kurang jelas tanggal apa yg dimaksudkan. Adakah bermaksud tarikh akan kembali semula ke Indonesia apabila Visa tamat atau bagaimana?

  35. Saadah Hassan berkata:

    Salaam my maid went back to Indonesia without her KTKLN and is now unable to return to work. My question is how do I go about getting her KTKLN and where do I get the Kontrak Kerja. Thank you for your assistance.

    • Humari berkata:

      You need to visit our embassy or nearest consulate to get new contract. Show her passport and visa copy. You should visit with your housemaid actually but since she’s in Indonesia right now, I don’t know whether our embassy will approve or not.

  36. Suriani berkata:

    Hi. My maid will be going for her Home leave this dec. Her KTKLN expiring in Feb2014. Must she renew her card? She’s renewing her contract for 1 yr.

    • Humari berkata:

      Yes. You need to visit our nearest embassy/consulate prior to her leave.

      • Suriani berkata:

        Is it compulsory to renew it since she only be Home leave and return to SG after 2 weeks? Her ktkln is stil valid and i don think she will need d card while she’s here.

      • Humari berkata:

        Yes, it is. It’s written in our law.

        It’s not about the card actually. It’s about her data. Our BNP2TKI needs to record her address, health, employer’s address & name, her leave. So if there’s something happens they don’t have to search her data manually.

  37. Afifi berkata:

    Hi Humairi,
    For renewal of KTKLN, can I do it for my maid online or is it for fresh application only? If yes it means we can do it faster i.e apply online and just go to BNP2TKI for collection only rite?No need to fill forms again at the BNP?Tq in advance

    • Humari berkata:

      Yes. No need to fill the form again in BNP2TKI. They will take a picture of your maid and collect finger print, she needs to pay insurance. That’s all.

      • caffy berkata:

        I thought u said earlier that online application is only for formal workers (work for company)? Can I make online application for my house maid for her first KTKLN?

      • Humari berkata:


      • caffy berkata:

        Is it better to purchase the Indonesia insurance at BP3TKI counter in Denpasar or to purchase from agent in Malaysia outside the Embassy? The agent outside the Embassy claimed that I will have problem if I don’t purchase the Indon insurance in Malaysia, so must purchase with them.

        Where can I get the form of application so that I can fill up in advance? Is that the same form from the online application? But my maid is informal worker. Can use the same form from the online application?

      • Humari berkata:

        I don’t know if they also sell the insurance outside Indonesia. Since the claim can be done only after the worker (who is ill, for instance) getting back to Indonesia.

  38. vina berkata:

    How much is the insurance cost for KTKLN ? Yesterday my maid just back from Jakarta using terminal 3. She can re-new her expired KTKLN there before check in to the immigration and the cost for 2 years is Rp. 290.000 instead of Rp. 400.000 that you mentioned earlier.

    The problem is the staff in the BNP3TKI – Serang counter there insisted her to pay Rp, 400 thousand, but the insurance card shows the amount Rp. 290.000 for 2 years.

  39. vina berkata:

    Hi Pak Humari,

    Thank you for your reply.
    After reading your blog, now I have clearer picture about the KTKLN and its regulation.

    Just for sharing…

    I brought her to Jakarta to visit my relatives there for 3 days only.
    We are not aware about the regulation of KTKLN, nor my maid. What she knew is there is no fee for making / extending this card. Also, she remembers did not pay any money when the first time she got this card.

    My maid went herself to the KTKLN booth in the airport at level 1 and we were waiting for her at level 2 outside the immigration.
    It took her for so long to extend her card, after almost 45 minutes, she came back crying.

    My maid told me she was bully by the officer in duty at the KTKLN booth, BP3TKI – Serang terminal 3 Soekarno-Hatta airport.
    Surprisingly, we found someone has uploaded this officer face in the youtube when I was searching for more info regarding the KTKLN.
    Instead explaining / advising her how to re-new her KTKLN card, the officer scolded her for not having enough money to pay for the insurance.
    He insisted my maid to pay Rp. 400.000 for 2 years insurance.
    She told us the officer make it difficult to extend her card as she did not bring the employment contract and she requested for insurance to be extended for 1 year only ( as she will not continue working with us anymore after her permit expire in April’14, she has been working with us for almost 6 years ).

    She said the officer scolded her and insisted her to pay for Rp. 400.000. Finally after begging and scolded by the officer, she was allowed to pay the insurance for 1 year and paid only Rp. 170.000 But, she need to wait for so long to get her card. She almost thought that they will not give her the card although she paid them already.

    My purpose telling my maid story here is just to share how bad is the attitude of the officer. They are not there to help these TKI.
    They should be more transparent in explaining the regulation and help them to find a solution if these TKI faces problem in renewing the card.
    Not simply just tell them to pay a certain amount of money or cheated them by asking the wrong fee.
    If there is any new / changes / revised regulation, all these TKI should be informed.
    I believe a lot of maid only realize they need to make the KTKLN card on the day they are going to board the flight.

    Hope proper training was given to the KTKLN officer…

    Thank you.

  40. HL Tan berkata:

    Dear Pak Humari

    I read your very informational blog. I’m tried one of your link to submit an online application, but it would not allow. Is there another link ?
    I have two other questions:
    1. My maid hometown is near Bali. After submitting online, does it mean that she can go to the BP3TKI Denpasar, Jln Mawar, No 25 Kreneng Denpasar Bali to collect on her arrival into Bali before heading home as it’s about 12 hours drive to her hometown from Bali.
    2. I read she needs to show her KTP at the office, but she has left that at home, can she collect it using her passport ?

    • Humari berkata:

      1. Yes, it’s better. If she has with her all the papers required.
      2. Some officers will ask for KTP. But if it’s already expired just show them the pasport.

  41. Wila Yulia berkata:

    Saudara Saya sedang cuti di Indonesia dan akan kembali lagi ke Saudi bulan Desember, tapi dia tidak membawa kontrak kerja dan keterangan cuti dari majikannya, apakah masih bisa di proses untuk pembuatan KTKLN? mohon penjelasannya.

    • Humari berkata:

      Saudara Anda TKI formal atau informal (rumah tangga)? Kalau informal harus datangi KBRI/KJRI dulu bersama majikan. Kalau formal (kerja untuk perusahaan), tinggal minta kontrak kerja yang baru/diperpanjang, kirim lewat email lalu ikuti proses di atas.

      • Noor Saidah berkata:

        Dear Pak Humari

        My helper will be going back to Bandung for a week this 30th. She already has the KTKLN but it is expiring in Jan 2014. We have gone to the Indonesian Embassy (Spore) to make the necessary documents (contract and update address).

        1) Given that the KTKLN office is far away from her hometown, am i able to bring her to Batam to make this card?

        2) Can i also confirm that the Batam office is still open and we can get the card on the same day of application?

        Thanking you in advance for your assistance.

      • Humari berkata:

        1. Yes, because the system is online.

        2. Yes, many TKI getting KTKLN card in Batam

  42. Derwin berkata:

    Hi Sir.
    May I know what is the original renawal contract? I dont seem to have it and my domestic helper has been working for us for 4 years.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Humari berkata:

      I don’t have the draft. It differs from country to country. To get it, you and your helper need to visit our embassy in your country. The contract will be given when your helper plans to take a vacation and afterwards gets back to you.

  43. Ms Loh berkata:

    Hi, my Indoneisan helper went back to Indonesia for holidays. We did not know about this KTKLN and we did not prepare the Contract renewal. She brought along the old contract which has expired. I’m afraid, now, she is not able to come back. Is it possible for me to get the contract without her presence at Indonesian Embassy and then email it to her? What are my options?
    Thank you so much in advance for your kind response

  44. Eka Ishak berkata:

    I need help and advise:
    My maid is going back to Semarang this June 2014.
    Can I apply her KTKLN online?
    Can she collect it at the Semarang airport?
    Can I get her contract letter done at the maid agency instead of going to the Indonesia embassy?
    I am from Singapore.
    My maid worked 2 yrs and is going to continue with me.

    • Humari berkata:

      Online registration only for formal worker (work for company). You need to visit our nearest embassy/consulate to get renewal contract. No KTKLN counter in Semarang (Ahmad Yani) airport. Only in Jakarta/Cengkareng airport.

      Your agency can assist you but there will be extra charge.

      If your maid live in Central Java, to get KTKLN she need to visit BP3TKI Semarang Jl Kalipepe III/64, Pudak Payung, Semarang, 50236, Telp: 024-7475039/74763260. Fax: 024-8311711/8311713

  45. Michelle berkata:

    Hi. I’m from Singapore. What should I do if my maid went for her home leave without the new work agreement/contract (drafted by the Indonesia embassy)? Her current KTKLN has expired.

    In this situation, she won’t be able to return to Singapore. What can I do to help her to come back?

    She has a valid Singapore work permit and a valid passport.

  46. KLGirl berkata:

    My maid recently went back for Raya holidays in August 2013. She has her KTKLN, which is expiring on Aug 31. She was scheduled to fly back on 29 August.

    I gave her everything she needed – passport, visa, contract of employment, insurance from Malaysian side.

    Can you believe it? When she went to Semarang and Jogja to renew her KTKLN, both offices REFUSED to renew her KTKLN because it had not expired yet! Are they being funny or stupid? The officers said the KTKLN must expire first before they will renew it. She explained that her plane ticket is before the KTKLN expires and she needs to leave. Still they refused to renew her KTKLN.

    Finally my maid left with her old KTKLN but then the officers at the airport gave her a hard time saying her KTKLN is GOING to expire soon! Yes, we know that!! Then they ancam her and said she must RETURN to Indonesia before one years to renew her KTKLN.

    Does your govt think that your TKI, who bring in money for their families and your country, can fly in and out as though they are taking a bus ride?

    So, Pak Humari, what do you suggest we do now? Thank you.

    • Humari berkata:

      That’s the problem with us here. Some officers apply different policy with what being set by Jakarta. But if the officers in the airport released her to fly, your maid does not need to go back to Indonesia only to renew it when KTKLN is expired. Don’t worry if she someday goes back, she can get KTKLN with her current contract (as long as it’s valid).

      • watinah berkata:

        Fly from Denpasar every year, no question asked at all about KTKLN.
        Happy experience apply KTKLN in Denpasar office, they practice flexibility.

  47. KLGirl berkata:

    Dear Pak Humari, thank you for your reply.

    I agree with your advice. But my maid is worried that the officers will “punish” her when she goes back again for holiday, and denda her a lot of money. Do you know if I can call the BP3TKI offices in Semarang and Yogja to confirm that she does not have to go back specialy to renew her KTKLN?

    • Humari berkata:

      Tell her, there will be no punishment no ‘denda’. Thousand of Indonesian workers go back every week with expired KTKLN. But once they want to fly again to the employment country, they need to get KTKLN in nearest BP3TKI.

      Yes you can. But the problem is they rarely reply the call :). Or tell your maid to send me message via this blog.

  48. Lynn berkata:

    Hi there, I am based in Singapore. I have found a maid in Indonesia that I want to hire. Her work permit has already been approved. How can she apply for a KTKLN card as she’s in Indonesia?

  49. Narinder Singh berkata:

    Hi Mr Humari,
    Thank you so much for taking time to write this blog to explain to all of us on the proper procedures in applying for the card. I will be going to Indonesian embassy tmr and followed by a trip to batam to get the card done for my helper. She will be going back for home leave next month. Hope all goes well.

  50. priyana berkata:

    Assllmlkum maaf sy menggagu sy mau tanya tentang perpanjng ktkln .
    ktkln sy berlaku hingga 6-09-2013
    work permit sy berlaku hingga 13-05-2015
    Rencana sy pulng bulan 12 .2014
    apakah sy bisa perpnjng di rmh sblom sy blik lgi kesni ?
    apa harus di perpnjang skrng ?
    Jika sy perpnjang ahir thun 2014 kira kira ad masalh Karena sy telat perpnjang ktkln.
    Apakah work permit sy juga harus di perpnjang dlu .mohon pen jelasan ny trimaksih

  51. Melati berkata:

    My maid just went back today and apply the KTKLN in Jakarta. She has all the document such as contract endorsed by Indonesian Embassy.She smsed me that She need to pay 250rb for administration, 300rb for medical check up and 290rb for insurance. the total is 840rb. Luckily, i gave her 900rb so it is enough. i understand that the maid need to pay insurance which is around 290rb. why do we need to pay medical and admin charges? I have asked to bring insurance policy from singapore too.

    • Humari berkata:

      There’s no admin charge. For the last few months they also charge ‘medical check up’. But as long as I know it’s only IDR 100.000. If they collect more, it’s a kind of corruption. Sadly this always happen in our government offices.

  52. Nanie berkata:

    Hi Humari,
    I am from singapore and will be going to nirwana resort hotel dis coming 17th january 2014 (friday)together with my maid for a holiday trip, all documents such as contract re-newal from (indonesian embassy) and passport are ready, the only problem we are facing is we do not know where is the nearest branch u had to renew her KTKLN card from the hotel itself.
    She will be going back to Indonesian permanently on 25th Feb 2014.
    -Kindly advised on the nearest location from the hotel.
    -Operating Hours
    -Overall charges
    -On the spot collection or need to wait for a few days?
    Thank You.

    • Humari berkata:

      Nirwana Resort Hotel in Lagoi, Bintan? If yes, you need to visit Tanjungpinang: Jl DI Panjaitan Km 9 Ruko II No: 06, Tanjung Pinang – Kepulauan Riau, Telp: 0771-7004553, Fax: 0771-7447250:

      I think it’s around 90 KM from Lagoi. Operating hours is 9-15. The charge is IDR 290,000. You can get it on the spot.

  53. Bedah berkata:

    Hi we will be going with our maid to Bali for holiday, we already have the renewed contract from the embassy and new passport with latest work permit, Her KTP has expired. Can we submit the application online? What other documents do we need and where is their office in Bali, what are their office hours?

    • Humari berkata:

      Online submission only for formal overseas worker. While housemaid need to come herself to nearest BP3TKI. In Bali, you can find it in Denpasar (see the list above no. 12), office hour 09.00-15.00. It take less than 1 hour to renew it.

      Some officer will asked the KTP, but most don’t

  54. fazzura berkata:

    my maid work for me for last one year, last month ask permission to go back to he hometown, before that i already go to indonesia embassy to take a kontrak kerja but embassy refuse to give because my maid only work 1 year here based on them she can’t go back because in agreement stated 2 years, but my maid still want to go back. suppose to come back last saturday but she stuck at the jogjakarta airport. what can i do now so that she can come back here. tq

    • Humari berkata:

      If your maid has worked for one year, it means she has valid contract and KTKLN. Ask her to show it to you. If it’s valid she may easily fly back to your country by showing KTKLN card to immigration staff.

  55. punkrockmasta berkata:

    Why exactly do we need to make this card for fuck sake.

  56. watinah berkata:

    BP2TKI Denpasar location moved

  57. Bedah berkata:

    Hi , please let me know their latest address in Batam
    Appreciate if you could advise on below:
    -their operating days
    -Operating Hours
    -Overall charges
    -On the spot collection?

    Thank You.

    • Humari berkata:

      It’s in Batam Center:

      P4TKI Batam, Jl Puri Industrial Park 2000 No: 1, Batam Center, Kepulauan Riau, Telp: 0788-3154130/ 0788-463555

      They operate daily from 08.00-15.00

      KTKLN itself is free. The worker only need to pay insurance, IDR 290.000, if both you and your maid agree to extend the contract for next two years. Yes, you can collect it on the spot.

  58. Bedah berkata:

    Hi Humari, my maid have this card NPWP, may i know what is it for?

    • Humari berkata:

      NPWP stands for Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak or tax number. For TKI no tax they need to pay to our government. So the tax number card is not required in KTKLN process.

  59. Astrid berkata:

    Pak Humari,
    Saya tinggal di Kuala Lumpur. Tahun lalu saya membuatkan KTKLN pembantu rumah tangga saya di Bandara Sukarno Hatta, dengan kontrak kerja yang saya bawa sewaktu memperpanjang paspor dia di KBRI KL.

    February ini saya berencana akan membawa pembantu rumah tangga saya berlibur ke Bali . KTKLN dia juga akan expired bulan February ini. Saya ingin tahu apakah perpanjangan KTKLN bisa dilakukan di bandara Ngurah Rai? Dan juga apa saya memerlukan kontrak kerja yang baru dan sudah di endorse oleh Kedutaan?

    Saya mencoba telpon kantor BP3TKI yang di Jalan Mawar, Denpasar tetapi tidak pernah ada jawaban.

    Mohon informasi nya.

    Sekian dan terima kasih.

    • Humari berkata:

      Setahu saya untuk di Ngurah Rai belum ada konternya.

      Persyaratan tetap sama, paspor, visa kerja yang masih berlaku, kontrak kerja yang diperpanjang dan disahkan oleh KBRI dan bayar asuransi sesuai dengan durasi kontrak. Langsung saja datang ke kantor BP3TKI Denpasar. Mengenai pelayanan info lewat telpon, salah satu kelemahan kantor-kantor pemerintahan kita ya itu, malas angkat telpon dari rakyat.

      • Astrid berkata:

        Pak Humari,

        Terima kasih untuk informasi nya. Jadi setelah saya mendapatkan kontrak kerja baru yang disahkan oleh KBRI dan juga asuransi, saya langsung bawa ke kantor BP3TKI di Denpasar? Apakah saya harus mengisi formulir online terlebih dahulu?

        Juga saya bisa membawa kontrak tersebut, dan membeli asuransi di kantor BP3TKI, seharga Rp 400,000 – betul?

        Saya mendapatkan informasi dari salah satu agen disini, bahwa saya juga harus mempunyai kartu TKI dan untuk mendapatkannya, pembantu rumah tangga harus melakukan medical di Indonesia (bukan fomema).

        Jadi nanti di BP3TKI mendapatkan 2 kartu? Maaf untuk pertanyaan saya ini karena saya tidak mau keliru dengan peraturan baru ini.

        Sekian dan terima kasih.

      • Humari berkata:

        Formulir online hanya untuk TKI formal. TKI informal langsung isi di BP3TKI Denpasar. Aturan baru yang BNP2TKI terapkan, medical check up memang diulang. Saya tidak tahu apakah BP3TKI Denpasar menyediakan cek medis di kantor mereka seperti Ciracas.

        Di BP3TKI tetap hanya mengeluarkan 1 kartu, KTKLN. Kalau kartu asuransi yang mengeluarkan ya perusahaan asuransi yang nongkrong di BP3TKI

      • Astrid berkata:

        Pak Humari… Maaf, apa perbedaan TKI formal dan TKI informal? Jadi PRT saya termasuk kategori apa ya? Dia telah memiliki semua permit dll. apakah termasuk TKI formal?

        Dan PRT saya berasal dari Jawa Tengah. Tetap bisa buat di Denpasar kan? Semua proses (KTKLN dan medical) apa bisa diselesaikan dalam waktu 1 hari?

        Apa ada alamat terbaru / nomor telpon BP3TKI Denpasar?

        Terima kasih

      • Humari berkata:

        TKI formal bila seorang TKI bekerja untuk perusahaan. Informal, bekerja pada perseorangan non badan hukum seperti di rumah tangga.

  60. agustin ratu berkata:

    Dulu bikin KTKLN dibatam, apa harus renew dibatam jga, sy asli manado n april nanti mau liburan k manado

  61. agustin ratu berkata:

    Klo seandainyavharus bikin dibatam atau di manado apa boleh sy suruh bos sy ngisi form via online jadi sy tinggal bayar n ngambil kartunta aja…

  62. Catherine berkata:

    Dear Humari,
    My maid’s hometown is Surabaya. Her KTKLN card has expired, so she needs to renew it. Can she transit at Jakarta, enroute to Surabaya, and renew her card at the airport before she takes the next flight? For renewal, does she still need to produce the employment contract from Singapore embassy?

    • Humari berkata:

      No, since the KTKLN counter is inside check in terminal. It’s better if she wants to renew it in Jakarta airport, she can visit KTKLN counter inside check in terminal (for international flight).

  63. Rain berkata:

    HI Humari,
    You are very patient in answering all the questions. Thank you very much.

    Here is my issue.
    My maid came here on a JP visa. She managed to get her multiple entry worker’s visa. SHe left for a holiday2 days ago without knowing that she needs a KTKLN card to come back. How am I able to help her to apply for it? Is she able to apply it herself over there?
    I can send her everything but the worker’s contract from Indonesian embassy. Please help!

    THanks Rain

    • Humari berkata:

      That’s the problem. BP3TKI only issue KTKLN for her if she has the contract. If you can’t get it from our embassy you must visit the housemaid supplier agent in your country and ask from them the attested contract. Your maid then needs to visit the agent’s partner in Indonesia to proceed.

  64. Lim berkata:

    Hi Pak Humari

    I have 2 questions:

    1. Based on your past replies, I understand the KTKLN doesn’t need to be renewed until the maid takes home leave, ie no issue even if she is going back to Indonesia with an expired card. Could you confirm this understanding? Thanks.

    2. My maid’s Kartu Jaminan Asuransi expiring Jun 2015 is registered to her last employer. As her employment was transferred to me in Kuala Lumpur, is it necessary now to change the name of her employer on this kartu and if yes, how do I go about it?

    Many thanks!

    • Humari berkata:

      1. Yes. She only need to renew KTKLN if she extends her contract. So when she gets back here with expired KTKLN there will be no problem. But prior to flying back to your country, she need to renew it.

      2. Yes. KTKLN is to keep updated with the current status of the maid including her recent employer data (name and address). You and your maid need to visit Indonesia embassy/consulate to get new contract. The new contract must be shown to BP3TKI staff when your maid registers to get new KTKLN. She needs to pay insurance as well because she works with different employer.

  65. Ari berkata:

    Pak Humari,
    Saya dari Singapura mahu ambil pembantu dari Indonesia. Dia punya KTKLN dari majikan sebelum saya tapi KTKLN luput pada Mei 2014. Jadi, dia sekarang boleh masuk ke Singapura pada akhir februari menggunakan kad ini? Apa lagi dokumen yang perlu dia bawa semasa dia di kastam airport Jakarta?

    Terima Kasih

    • Humari berkata:

      Dia harus punya kontrak baru yang dikeluarkan KBRI. Karena setiap pembantu yang hendak kembali bekerja ke luar negeri akan diperiksa oleh pejabat di airport, termasuk kontrak kerja dan KTKLN terbaru. Untuk mendapatkan KTKLN terbaru harus punya kontrak yang baru juga.

  66. Thomas Ho berkata:

    Hi Humari,

    My helper is going back to Indonesia for her 2 weeks holiday, but her card has expired already.
    Can I check with you if the counter at Indonesia airport 2, opens on sun? as she flys back on sun.
    Also, is the application of the card instant or she has to wait 1 to 2 days to collect the card?
    Thanks in advance for your information and help.

    Thomas Ho

  67. KLGirl berkata:

    Dear Pak Humari, my maid asked me to ask you apakah bidang Pak Humari? Bekerja dengan pihak imigresen or kerajaan Indonesia?

    • Humari berkata:

      Saya bekerja di salah satu recruitment agent di Jakarta. Jadi semua tulisan di blog ini ada pendapat pribadi tetap berdasarkan regulation di Indonesia dan kenyataan di lapangan

  68. Farah78 berkata:

    Good afternoon Pak Humari!
    Saya Farah dari Singapore dan punya maid. Tanggal 13 March nanti maid saya akan pulang ke kampung dia untuk berliburan sama keluarganya. KTKLN dia expire on 27 April 2014. Can she still go in and out of Indonesia without hassle? Work permit Singapore pun masih sah berlaku hingga 24 April 2014. Hope you can advise Pak Humari. Thanks.

  69. Nor berkata:

    I would like to ask for my FDW’s case, her KTKLN will be expiring on the26/06/2014.
    Her contract will end next year, Feb 2015, after which she will go home for good.
    There are no plans for homeleave before that. So she does not need to renew her KTKLN right?

  70. astrid berkata:

    Pak Humari, saya berada di Bali sekarang. Menurut BP3TKI setempat, Bali tidak mengeluarkan lagi KTKLN untuk pembantu RT. Juga, mereka minta melengkapi dengan surat keterangan dari Depnaker dan juga surat izin keluarga.
    Saya sudah menjelaskan bahwa PRT saya sudah bekerja selama 4 tahun. Dan dia bilang tidak ada PRT luar negeri yg berasal dari Bali.
    Saya tahu itu tidak benar karena tetangga saya PRT nya dari Bali. Mereka menyuruh saya pergi balik ke KL untuk menanyakan, atau pulang ke kampung pRT saya minta surat, atau ke Jakarta karena KTKLN yg sudah expired di issue dari Soekarno Hatta. Menurut saya ini adalah alasan yg dibuat2. Karena harusnya dr manapun bisa dibuat KTKLN tsb. Betul?
    Saya sudah membawa asuransi dan kontrak kerja yg sy buat di KBRI KL.

    • Humari berkata:

      Sebenarnya bisa. Karena semua itu pendataan KTKLN itu online. Kalau kebijakan Pemda Bali memang tak mengirim TKI PLRT. Tapi memang tak ada TKI PLRT dari Bali karena untuk mengurus penempatan harus mendapatkan rekomendasi dari Disnakertrans setempat (demikian juga provinsi lainnya). Sementara BP3TKI bukan di bawah Kemenakertrans. Mereka dibuat untuk melayani KTKLN. Pendataan. Yang sudah dapat pengesahan dari KBRI dan juga sebelumnya BNP2TKI, tak ada alasan buat menolak.

      Lebih baik buat saja di Soekarno Hatta.

  71. Iki berkata:

    Slmt Siang Pak Humari,
    Saya ingin bertanya mengenai pengurusan KTKLN bisa di wakilkan ngak? Dan untuk KTKLN tersebut sebetulnya biayanya berapa? Karena saya kemarin dapat informasi bahwa kalau KTKLN itu gratis tapi biaya asuransi dan lain2nya sekitar 3 rts ribuan.
    Bgmana menurut Bpk/
    Trims atas semua informasinya.

  72. KLGirl berkata:

    Pak Humari

    Agensi tempat Pak bekerja ada rakan bisnes maid di Malaysia tak?

  73. Ong berkata:

    Hi Humari,

    My domestic helper will be going back for her vacation in Mar’14 but her KTKLN will expire in Jun’14. She is renewing her contract for another 2 years. Does she need to renew her KTKLN so that she can come back to Singapore.

    • Humari berkata:

      Yes. She needs to visit nearest BP3TKI to get it.

      • caffy berkata:

        My maid will be going back to Waikabubak for her first time holiday this coming Saturday (15/3/2014). She will first fly to Bali on this Sat & take a local flight on Sun back to Tambolaka airport.
        1. Where is the nearest BP3TKI then?
        2. Any nearest BP3TKI in Tambolaka or Waikabubak, Sumba Barat, NTT?
        3. What is the working days & office hours?
        Does it open on Sat afternoon? As my maid will reach Bali on 15/3/2014 at about 1.30 pm.
        4. Can I apply the KTKLN online now & collect from the BP3TKI in Bali on 15/3/2014 (Sat)? Does it mean that it will be faster to get the KTKLN by applying online? All the documents required must be submitted upon collection?
        5. Can the insurance policy renewed with Lonpac Insurance in Malaysia be used for the KTKLN? Or it must be purchased at BP3TKI? Can it be purchased at Malaysia Indonesia Embassy?
        6. However, I do not have certain information on the maid parents’ name, her full address as well as her KTP number as she said she does not have it since then. Can I just insert ‘tiada’ for all sessions of the online application?
        7. For the column “nama & jenis perusahaan” in the online application form, what should I fill up for a maid?

        Pls reply urgently. Thank you.

      • Humari berkata:

        1. P4TKI Sumba, Jl Mentawai Amahu No: 83, Sumba, Nusa Tenggara Timur Telp: 0387-61681. It’s located in Sumba island
        2. See my answer above
        3. As usual 09.00 – 15.00 local time. They’re off on Saturday
        4. No. Online KTKLN only for formal worker.
        5. Your maid need to purchase local insurance.
        6. She needs to take her passports and new contract. That’s all. Some officer will ask for KTP (Identity card). She can tell that the card is already expired and she don’t renew it.
        7. That’s because the online application only for formal worker who work for a certain company (perusahaan).

      • caffy berkata:

        I tried to call Sumba office but nobody pick up. I don’t know whether my maid is able to locate the place or not. Moreover she is illiterate. I afraid she is not able to do the necessary such as filling up the form.

        Do you know the exact location of Sumba office? Is it nearby Kota Waikabubak?

        My other option is to apply it at Denpasar together with her when i am there with her. But i got to change her local flight from Sun (16/3/2014) to Tues (18/3/2014) assuming we go to BP3TKI Denpasar on Mon (17/3/2014). There is only one flight back to Tambolaka in the morning. So, she cannot take Monday’s flight. The card can be collected on the same day right? How many hours it will take to get it ready?

      • Humari berkata:

        If she lives in Sumba island it’s easier for her to apply in the Sumba office. Tell her to come with her family.

  74. caffy berkata:

    I have no confidence on her as well as her family that they are able to arrange the necessary in Sumba. It is risky to let her apply herself in her kampung.

    By the way, u have not answered my earlier questions on the timing we will take to get the card at Denpasar.

    • Humari berkata:

      Few complain sent to me from housemaid who apply the KTKLN in BP3TKI Bali. Since the local government doesn’t approve maid recruitment, they don’t also release KTKLN for maid.

      • astrid berkata:

        Becareful when you opt to renew your maid’s KTKLN in Denpasar. They will ask for some money, statements, employer passport (actually not required), another local insurance (altho’ i already purchase insurance at agent outside KBRI at Malaysia), and other nonsense statement that you need to fill up.
        please be noted, apart from the documents above, i already prepared the requirement documents such as : old KTKLN, passport, new contract endorsed by KBRI KL and insurance.
        As what Pak Humari mentioned, they did not approved any maid to work oversea & out from Denpasar.

      • caffy berkata:

        Thanks humari & astrid for the info.

        I will try to get ready all the mentioned docs apart from the required documents.

        In that case, I think it would be better to purchase the insurance from the BP3TKI counter right?

        Hope I will not encounter problem in applying the KTKLN for my maid as I will be accompanying her. In the event the application is rejected, I have no choice to let her go back to apply it in her hometown in Sumba. Good luck to us!!!

        I will share my experience after coming back next week to benefit ppl reading this useful blog. Thanks Pak Cik Humari again!!!

  75. Julie Ooi berkata:

    Hi Humari,
    My maid is going back for holiday after 6 years with me this June for 1 month. Her final destination is Kupang. Which transit point is the best for her? Jakarta or Bali? I plan to ask her to renew her KTKLN at the airport while transit, is this advisable ? I was told now that she needs to go for medical check up and get the KTKLN, is this done at the same office?
    Your early reply is much appreciated
    Best regards

    • Humari berkata:

      She may visit BP3TKI office in her hometown: Kupang. Usually there’s a clinic in BP3TKI. Make sure she take new contract from our embassy. The address below:

      BP3TKI Kupang, Jl Perintis Kemerdekaan I No: 6 Kel Oebufu Kupang, Provinsi Nusa Tenggara Timur, Telp: 0380-825355,Fax: 0380-839653

  76. Julie Ooi berkata:

    Hi Humari,
    Thanks for your quick reply.
    What about transit point for her? Jakarta or Denpasar? Final destination is Kupang.
    Best Regards

  77. Julie Ooi berkata:

    Hi Caffy & Humari,
    Thanks for the info. Is a great help for me

    • caffy berkata:

      Just to share my experience in applying my maid’s first KTKLN at Denpasar on this Monday.

      As what Astrid said earlier, we were required to provide employer’s copy of passport & the employer was requested to write and sign a letter of responsibility, apart from providing the contract of employment (pls prepare 2 photocopies, one each for the BP3TKLN & the insurance counter) and purchasing the insurance at Rp400,000 (for first timer is Rp400,000, renewal is Rp290,000). Pls also prepare extra photocopy of maid’s passport & work permit for the insurance counter. They didn’t request surat cuti.

      We have also paid Rp30,000 for 3 pieces of stamp (menteri) for affixation on the documents filled up/signed by the maid & signed by the employer. We might have paid extra for the cost of stamp as the stamp is Rp6,000 per piece (if not mistaken).

      Also, we were directed to bring our maid to the nearest clinic which is about 1 km away from Denpasar’s BP3TKLN office for a simple medical check up (just to measure the maid’s height & weight) @ a cost of Rp50,000. We spent about an hour for waiting time. P/s: Luckily we have a driver who drove us around & assisted to communicate with the officers on our request.

      Other than that, the application process was considered smooth. The whole process took us about 2.5 hours excluding transportation time. Anyway, just allocate an half-day morning for the arrangement. Do go there earlier (8 am+) although it open at 9 am. The officer will go through the documents & direct you to go the clinic first before processing the application.

      Happy sharing!!!

      Humari, just to remind u to update the latest address of Denpasar’s BP3TKLN on your blog to Jln Hayam Wuruk, No. 326, Denpasar, for future reference by others.

      • Humari berkata:

        Caffy, thanks for your sharing info. I will update again my blog.

        The condition written in my blog is based on the latest info from BNP2TKI Jakarta. It’s the headquarter of all BP3TKI. I don’t know if BP3TKI Denpasar apply a bit different condition.

  78. KUAY CHOW YONG berkata:

    Hi Humari,
    Would appreciate it very much if you could help to answer my following questions.
    My maid (4 years with us) will be going back to Indonesia for holiday in May 2014. The following are the relevant details:
    – Her passport expiring 10 April 2014
    – KTKLN ID card expiring 3 Sep 2015
    – Indonesia insurance i.e. Kartu Jaminan Ansuransi Tenaga Kerja Indonesia / Proteksi TKI card expiring 24 Aug 2014
    – Malaysia insurance expiring 14 May 2014 but have been renewed with new expiry date 14 May 2015
    – Working permit expiring 28 May 2014 which I’m going to get it renew to 28 May 2015 by this month.
    – Contract of Employment expiring 10 April 2014 which I’m going to renew for another 2 years by this month.

    My questions:
    1) What are the documents do I need to bring to Indonesia Embassy for renewal of Contract of Employment? Do I need to pay?
    2) What are the documents that do I need to prepare for my maid for her to bring along when she goes back to Indonesia for holiday, apart from the following:
    – Passport
    – KTKLN ID card
    – Contract of Employment
    – Surat Cuti
    – Proteksi TKI card

    Thanks & regards.

  79. Julie Ooi berkata:

    Hi Caffy,
    Thanks for sharing your experience. But my maid will go back to Kupang alone and just transit in Denpasar. Then I just ask her to do the KTKLN card in Kupang office. As she need to travel another 4 hours by road back to her village. So I need to write a letter of reponsibility or cuti letter if my maid applies by herself?

    Hi Humari,

    What is the office hours for Kupang office? Do they work on Saturday or Sunday? I need to plan the flight for my maid and hopefully she could do it when she arrives. As she does not need to travel 4 hours from her Kampong to Kupang for the KTKLN card


    • caffy berkata:


      I did get ready the cuti letter but they didn’t request for it. I guess it would be better if u get ready it too since the application is with different BP3TKLN office. As to the ltr of responsibility, the employer was made to sign it in order to be held responsible for anything happen to the maid when she was in Denpasar (if i remember the contents correctly & i also didn’t ask why we need to sign). So, I do not know whether the same is required at Kupang office or not, since the employer is not there to prepare & sign it. By the way, do get ready a copy of employer’s passport & extra copies (2) of the contract of employment as well as the maid’s passport and work permit.

      Their office should only open from Mon to Fri from 8 or 9 am to 3 or 4 pm.

      The arrival time of the earliest Airasia flight from KL to Denpasar is 12.30 pm. Assuming ur maid is taking the 2.30 pm Garuda’s local flight back to Kupang, she will only touch down Kupang at 4.15 pm & the Kupang office should have close by then. However, pls note that there is a risk where she might miss the local flight in the event Airasia flight is delayed. Anyway, you may check out other local flights such as Lionair, Merpati, etc on their flight schedule if she wants to go back Kupang on the same day. Otherwise, she got to stay overnight in Denpasar & wait for the next day local flight.

      Hope the above helps as it was really a hassle for me to check out the details. So, i really hope my information given here benefits others.

      • caffy berkata:

        Alternatively, do check out the flight from KL to Kupang with transit to ensure that she will not miss the local flight which is booked separately.

    • Humari berkata:

      Office hour is 9-5. But usually Indonesia offices only open until 3.

      Saturday and Sunday off.

  80. Nirmala berkata:

    Hi Humari,
    My maid has been working for me for 13 years. She is going back to Bandung for a vacation during Hari Raya this year. Her contract which was signed in July 2012 before the Kedutaan Indonesia in Kuala Lumpur expired in July 2013 as it was made only for 1 year. I will be going to the Embassy soon to renew her contract. Can i enter into a contract with her for 3 years at one go. Is there a long queue for renewal of contract and must i get there very early? I am unable to get through to the embassy phone lines.
    Will the KTKLN offices in Bandung be open during the fasting month and after Hari Raya?
    Thank you.

    • Humari berkata:

      As long as I know Embassy will approve only 2 years for renewable contract.

      Long queue is a tradition in Indonesia embassy in KL.

      Yes, she can apply for KTKLN during fasting month in Bandung. Usually they will be off one day prior to Hari Raya and 5-6 days afterward.

      You’re welcome.

    • caffy berkata:


      There are special/separate counters (no. 30 & 31) for renewal of contract. Same as passport counters, the counters opens at 9 am. If you reach early, you can get it done within an hour after the counter opens. I got no. 4 that day (reached at 8 am), i managed to get the new contract before 9.45 am. But it depend on your luck anyway.

      Don’t forget to photocopy 2 copies each of employer’s ic, maid’s passport & permit and her insurance together with the ic of representative & marriage certificate if the employer is represented by wife. 3 sets of contract of employment will be given at the entrance. Proceed to get the number after getting the contracts at the entrance before u are directed to counter no. 30 or 31. You may fill up the contract while waiting for your turn at the counter.

      It is just as simple as that. Hope the above information helps.

  81. Julie Ooi berkata:

    Hi Humari,

    I have issue on the cuti surat, any standard format letter that I could follow?

  82. Julie Ooi berkata:

    Can you help me on the cuti surat?

    • caffy berkata:


      I have drafted a simple one earlier but it was not required.

      Pls let me have ur email address. I will email to you tomorrow.

  83. Lifa berkata:

    Hi Humari,

    I’ve the contract/working agreement endorse by the Indonesia Embassy in Singapore for my maid to apply her KTLN (first timer). She just came in Mar & her contracts ends in 2016. The contract was issued on the same month (Mar 2014).

    Queries :

    1. Is there any duration period that we have to adhere in getting her KTLN issue upon endorsement of the contract agreement from Embassy?
    2. Would like to know if the procedure for first timer applying for KTLN & renewal are the same?
    3. Please advise Indonesia Holidays for 2014 & if these offices will be open during the holidays.
    4. Are these offices still active or closed & what are their operating hours? If its already closed, where is the next nearest office?
    a) P4TKI Batam, Jl Puri Industrial Park 2000 No: 1, Batam Center, Kepulauan Riau
    b) BP3TKI Bandung, Jl Soekarno Hatta No: 587 Kiara Condong, Bandung, Provinsi Jawa Barat
    5. Which ferry terminal from Singapore will be nearest to Batam Center?
    6. Which is the nearest airport to KTLN Bandung office?
    7. Should she apply her KTLN in Batam first or can she apply while on holiday with me in Bandung?
    8. Bandung trip is 2 – 3 days is this sufficient for her to get her KTLN issued?

    Looking forward for your reply soon.


    • Humari berkata:

      1. No specific duration. As long as the contract is valid your maid my apply for KTKLN anytime.
      2. First timer usually handled by Indonesian agent (PJTKI or PPTKIS). So PJTKI will process everything from her registration to mobilization to Singapore. If the agent is legal as well as the procedure the step in, KTKLN will be issued by BNP2TKI.
      3. They don’t open on holidays. Indonesian off days besides Saturday and Sunday, there some other off days: This April we only have one holiday: 18 April.
      4. The offices your wrote above are active.
      5. Batam Center harbour. You can get ferry from Harbourfront to Batam Center.
      6. Hussein Sastranegara Airport in Bandung. They have direct flights, Silk Air or Air Asia, I think, from Singapore and back.
      7. If you have plan to spend holiday in Bandung, you can take her with you to Bandung to get KTKLN.
      8. Yes, as long as you don’t go for holiday to Bandung on weekend only. It takes few hours to have it done.

  84. Julie Ooi berkata:

    Hi Caffy,
    My email address : julie.ooi1507@gmail.com
    many thanks

  85. eski berkata:

    Hi, My maid has been with me for 1 year. Her Work Permit ends in Jun 2015. I’m giving her a home leave in Jun 2014. She does not have a KTKLN card when she came out of indonesia in Jun 2013 to work for me.
    1. Must she apply for a KTKLN card in Indonesia before she can come back to Singapore in Jun 2014?
    2. She mentioned that she may want to go through a travel agent to get the KTKLN card done. Is it possible? I read from above that the maid must apply for the card in person, and not through an agent.
    3. The cost stated is IDR 290,000 (around USD 20) for insurance payment (valid for two years). Does she need to pay for 2 years, since her WP is valid for 1 more year only?
    4. Will she be made to pay more than the stated amount? She will be going to the surabaya office. If yes, how much more is the ‘market rate’?

    • Humari berkata:

      1. Yes
      2. She can get it directly or through agent with extra charge of course
      3. She may pay it for one year only.
      4. If she applies personally, she will pay as written above. But some office will ask for medical exam report. It will be approximately more IDR 100.000 she needs to pay.

  86. Soh berkata:


    my maid contract is expiring in Oct 2014 but I am letting her go on homeleave during hari raya this July and she is returning in Aug 2014.

    1) Is the current contract signed in year 2012, valid till oct 2014 be used for the application for the KTKLN card?
    2) She is flying to surabaya, where can she apply for the card


    • Humari berkata:

      1. Some airport staff will let her passing. But some will reject her. It’s better for you to visit our nearest embassy/consulate to get new contract.
      2. She can apply in Surabaya. This is their office address: UPT-P3TKI Surabaya, Jl Jagir Wonokromo No: 358 Surabaya, Provinsi Jawa Timur, Telp: 031-8415858/8480628, Fax: 031-8411445

  87. Gindy Cheng berkata:

    Hello, my maid will be leaving hk for home leave in July. Can she renew her KTKLN card in Hong Kong? If so, where to do so?

    Thank you.

  88. Julie Ooi berkata:

    Hi Humari,
    My maid is going back to Kupang in June. She has been working for me for 6 years and she has not called home or written any letter either. So now her family is not aware that she is going back for holiday. We have sent out 2 letters in early April and still no calls from her family. I have 2 concern for her :
    1) the arrival time is about 10 pm Kupang time and she need assistance for overnight stay and get bus ticket back to Kupang ( as she mentioned she need to change buses along the way )
    2) she need assistance for the application for renewal for KTKLN card.
    Do you have any local contact who can help her?

  89. sara berkata:

    Asalamualaikum.. pak sy mau tanya ,sy akan berlibur ke indonesia bln juli sedangkan ktkln saya expire bln agustus apakah sy bisa perpanjang dua bulan sebelumnya di consulat.trima kasih pak.

  90. lifa berkata:

    Hi Humari,

    My mom’s maid ktln had expire in Dec 2013. Initially she have no intention of going back to Semarang as she prefer to continue with her new contract extension. However, she had to return home urgently as her father was very ill back home. We don’t have enough time to get the contract done with the embassy in Singapore. So we bought 2 way airticket & let her bring back the work permit issue by Singapore MOM. This is as a proof that her working permit in Singapore is valid till 2016.

    Hence, when she tried to renew her ktln in Semarang they refuse & insist that she produce the contract from the embassy & email to them. She also inform the ktln office that she willing to pay penalty fee but its not acceptable.How can I assist her from here? Can the embassy in Singapore issue the contract without her presence? We do have a copy of her passport & work permit. Or can she seek any agencies from Semarang to renew her ktln? Is there anyone you can refer her to?

    Appreciate your advise on this soon.

    • Humari berkata:

      I don’t know the procedure in our embassy in Singapore. It differs from one embassy in one country to others. You can seek some assistance from agencies as well but it’s better to contact embassy first.

    • Kathleen berkata:

      I had encounter similar case recently, what you need to do is to go to Indonesia Embassy in Singapore bring along your NRIC, a copy of her work permit and passport, the staff there will help you to prepare the contract. You can email the contract to Indonesia

  91. Sue berkata:

    Hello! Thanks for this very nice info. Very helpful. I have some questions.
    1) I will be bringing a new Indonesian maid myself to work as an fdw. She has her passport and insurance done on the Indonesian side and I am getting her work permit and all other documentations done Singapore side. If I want her to make the Ktkln card, what are the documents that she needs to get it done?
    2) are there any other things to take note of?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Humari berkata:

      1. You must get the contract for her with our embassy attestation.
      2. As long as I know for hiring domestic helper, only recruitment agent in your country which is able to get the contract attestation. To make sure you can get the info in our embassy.

  92. soo berkata:

    Hi ! My maid is coming back to Malaysia on 07/06/2014 and she was told by the one of the customs at Soekarno–Hatta International Airport, Terminal 3 when she arrived the aiport and about going back to her hometown. He told my maid that she can buy her insurance PROTEKSI TKI and apply her KTKLN at Soekarno–Hatta International Airport, Terminal 3 on the same day she is coming back to Malaysia on 07/06/2014 as her flight is at 4pm. He suggested my maid to arrive there in the morning on 07/06/2014 and she can apply and get her KTKLN card in a short while there. I just want to clarify that is it true she can buy and apply her KTKLN at Soekarno–Hatta International Airport, Terminal 3 as I was told and given a list of the offices that she can visit to apply her KTKLN by the embassy/consulate where she renew her contract . The list did not show KTKLN at Soekarno–Hatta International Airport, Terminal 3 which she can apply her KTKLN.

    • Humari berkata:

      Yes, she can apply in Terminal 3 in Soekarno Hatta airport. I don’t include it my list yet. But I visited the counter and had few chats with the staff there.

    • soo berkata:

      I have a few more questions.
      Do you think there is a risk for her to buy her insurance (PROTEKSI) and apply her KLKLN on the same day she is coming back to Malaysia on 07/06/2014 which is on Saturday ?

      Does the KLTLN counter is open on Saturday ?

      Can I apply online on behalf of her and she can straight away proceed to the counter just to take her photo and fingerprint ?

      • soo berkata:

        I get the reply from BP3TKI (Balai Pelayanan Penempatan dan Perlindungan Tenaga Kerja Indonesia) that my maid cannot apply KTKLN from Terminal 3 in Soekarno Hatta airport as she is not working for company. Is it true ?

        Below is the email reply by them :-

        Berkaitan dengan perlepasan pembantu rumah awam yang bekerja di Malaysia, dihantar seperti berikut:
        1. Setiap warga negara Indonesia yang bekerja di luar negara ciri-ciri mandatori KTKLN (Kad) diterbitkan oleh kerajaan Republik Indonesia,
        2. Permohonan untuk terbitan KTKLN boleh dibuat di Pejabat BP3TKI/P4TKI terdekat dengan tempat tinggal pemohon/pekerja,
        3. Sektor tidak formal pekerja bekerja (majikan individu), antara lain, yang bekerja sebagai yuran, tidak dapat penerbitan KTKLN petisyen di Lapangan Terbang Soekarno-Hatta,
        4. Pengeluaran KTKLN di Lapangan Terbang Soekarno-Hatta hanya boleh dilakukan oleh pekerja-pekerja yang bekerja di sektor formal (Syarikat).

        Keperluan bagi pekerja yang bekerja dalam sektor tidak formal (majikan individu) untuk mendapatkan daripada KTKLN adalah seperti berikut:
        1. Permohonan bagi pengeluaran KTKLN ke Ketua BP3TKI tempatan,
        2. Paspor,
        3. Re-Entry Visa Kerja,
        4. Perjanjian kerja adalah dikenali/diterbitkan dengan wakil Republik Indonesia di negara-negara di mana kerja,
        5. Kelulusan keluarga bekerja ke luar negara
        6. Keahlian insurans TKI, dan
        7. Afidavit doktor Nazim.

        Lokasi/alamat berikut dihantar BP3TKI/P4TKI yang mungkin berhampiran dengan kediaman pekerja-pekerja awam:
        1. BP3TKI Jakarta
        Jl. Pengantin Ali No. 71, Ciracas, Jakarta Timur
        Telp: 021-87781840, Faks: 021-87781841
        Website : http://www.bp3tkijakarta.com
        Email : pelayanan@bp3tkijakarta.com

        2. BP3TKI Serang
        Jl. Ciwaru Raya Komp. Depag No. 2, Serang.
        Telp: 0254-204970.

        3. P4TKI Tangerang
        Jl. KH Hasyim Ashari No: 36-A, Kota Tangerang, Banten.
        Telp. 021-55792854, Hp: 08159454814

        Demikian disampaikan, semoga dapat membantu Saudara.

        Terima kasih

      • Humari berkata:

        I just have known that the change the rule. I will find out to make sure.

      • Humari berkata:

        Airport counter, I think they open on Saturday and Sunday. Insurance payment and KTKLN print out can be done within less than one hour. Depends on the length of the queue on that day 🙂

  93. Lien Ooi berkata:

    I have maid going back to holiday from 6 Jun till 10 Jul 2014.
    Her contract expire in Aug 2014 and Ktkln card still valid until end of the year.
    Do I need to renew contract first or wait her back then rennew.
    Please advise

  94. Aizul Osman berkata:

    Salam Pak Humairi,

    Maid saya telah pulang ke Indonesia pada 2 Jun 2014 .
    Sekarang dia menghadapi masalah untuk apply KTKLN kerana tidak punya dokumen kontrak kerja. Ini adalah kesilapan kami kerana tidak aware akan proses ini.

    Saya dihubungi seseorang dari Indonesia yang boleh selesaikan proses apply KTKLN, kontrak kerja, FOMEMA dan pembelian tiket. Semua kos adalah RM 700.

    Saya minta pendapat Pak Humairi adakah ini kos yang standard?


  95. ipohgal berkata:

    Hi Mr Humari,
    I just read an article in http://luar-negeri.kompasiana.com/2013/10/12/horeee-ktkln-sudah-tidak-berlaku-lagi-598220.html but don’t really understand. Does it mean that my maid going home for raya holidays this july don’t need to apply ktkln anymore before she comes back. thank you in advance for your kind reply.

    • Humari berkata:

      That’s the problem now. Actually, KTKLN can’t be dismissed with the ministerial regulation. Since it’s written in our law which is much more superior. And KTKLN is not issued by Labour Ministry. It’s by BNP2TKI and their offices spread in many province in Indonesia, BP3TKI.

      All Indonesian citizen who will depart to foreign country with working visa will inspect by BNP2TKI staffs not labour ministry’s. So, it’s better if you prepare the papers for your maid to renew her KTKLN.

  96. Cherlene berkata:

    HI, I have read all the blogs from Maret 14, 2013 till today. I thought you mentioned to June Pang in the earlier blog on Maret 16, 2013 that she can submit her maid application online then collect the KTKLN card in person at the nearest BP3TKI. But your later blog said not for maid as they are informal worker. As I have read the earlier blog first and already applied online for my maid and my father’s maid. I’m going to bring them to P4TKI Batam on Wed, 11/06/2014 to collect the cards. I heard no medical needed in Batam. Do we have a problem now? Need urgent reply from you. We are bringing them to Bandung for family holiday on 13/06/2014. Indonesian Embassy in Singapore said in Bandung takes a longer time and need medical too. We are only doing a 2 nights holiday trip so cannot afford waiting time there.

    • Humari berkata:

      That what I knew at that time. I asked to them myself, that the BP3TKI counter in Soekarno Hatta airport issued the KTKLN card. But later I’ve got the info, they don’t. While among BP3TKI counters, they apply different rules, depends on the policy of local government.

      If you will spend two days only in Bandung, I think it’s better for your maid to renew it in Batam.

  97. Cherlene berkata:

    Will do that. Thank you Mr Humari.

  98. Dhara Dusija berkata:

    Dear Humari,
    My helper went to Batam to get the KTKLN card. She got the insurance done and has finished most of the procedure. However, their photo machine was not working so she came back without the card. She leaves for Jakarta on 29 June Sunday. I want to know if the counter at the airport for KTKLN card is open on Sunday and if she will be able to get her card then. Also she does not have a ID card (KTP) which was not required in Batam. Will this be required in Jakarta? I am trying to decide if she can get this done when she arrives Jakarta or will she need to go to Batam for a second time.

    • Humari berkata:

      Sorry, I don’t know what to answer. The KTKLN counter in Soekarno Airport must be able to track your maid data in their system. But whether they will print the card & hand it over to your maid I don’t know.

      It’s better to tell your housemaid to call to +62 21 29244800 or email halotki@bnp2tki.go.id to ask the possibility

      • Dhara Dusija berkata:

        I will ask my maid to call the number. Meanwhile, can you tell me if the counter at Jakarta airport will be open on Sunday? What is the exact location at the airport? Thanks, Dhara

      • Humari berkata:

        As long as I know they’re open 7 days a week

  99. Ibu Deanna berkata:

    Hi, Pak Humari .. pembantu sy akan pulang bercuti bulan Sep. 2014, KTKLN masih berlaku hingga 4/12/2014. Perlukah diperbaharui KTKLN lagi?

  100. Heng berkata:

    Do u know what is the operating hours of KTKLN office at Bandung

  101. ooi berkata:

    En Humari,
    Firstly thanks so MUCH for helping us here! Really appreciate your time and kind heart!

    Can I check with you regarding renewal of the KTKLN card?

    Right now her KTKLN card will expire on 7/10/2014.
    She will leave for Indonesia in August and will be back on 8/9/2014. I understand that she needs to renew her card.

    Could you advice me
    1. if my maid can renew her KTKLN card in the KTKLN counter in Soekarno Airport on the Monday she is flying off? Her flight is at 2:50pm
    She did her card there 2 years ago at the counter in Terminal 3 just before she flew off.

    2. what will she need to renew the card besides the below?
    a. passport
    b. contract kerja
    c. insurance Proteksi TKI . Can i till buy the same insurance here like I did before?
    d. reentry visa which is already in the passport
    e. cash?? how much is it ya?
    what else is needed?

    Does she need any medical check ups? She has been with us for 10years already
    Thanks in advance for helping me!

    • Humari berkata:

      Thanks for your appreciation.

      Following is my answer:

      1. Yes, she can. The counter in the airport open 7/24.
      2. a. Yes
      b. Yes
      c. Yes. You can buy it there
      d. Yes
      e. IDR 290,000 for two years contract

      About medical check up report, some counters will ask for it some others don’t. Actually it is not like as usual medical check up for TKI. It’s just like doctor statement that the worker is fit for working. Much simpler.

      • ooi berkata:

        Thanks Pak for the quick reply!
        Where can she do the doctor statement? or is it available at the counter in the airpot in terminal 3?

      • Humari berkata:

        She can do it in nearest Puskesmas (Public Health Center) or hospital. Tell her to get “surat keterangan sehat dari dokter”.

  102. Lau berkata:

    Dear Encik Humari,

    I could not agree more to ooi’s thank you message for helping us out here. You are angel and stress reliever to our headaches and you reply even in the early mornings !!!!
    You are awesome!!.

    My maid is leaving 01 Sep 2014 for 10 days vacation and the following docs are readily available. Please let me know anything I missed that needed to action:

    – KTKLN expiring 03-April-2014
    – Proteksi TKI expiring 13-April-2014
    – Sarana Kesehat Pemeriks c-tki berlaku sampai 03-July-2013 (all good) (so need to do again?)
    – Passport expiring 12-June-2014
    – Contract kerja expired (so need to renew again?)
    – Insurance in Malaysia expired (so need to renew again?)


    • Humari berkata:

      Thanks for your praise. FYI, I am not angel only blog writer having some info about regulation for TKI.

      Btw, all you need to prepare is:

      1. New contract from our embassy/consulate. You and your maid must visit the embassy/consulate to get it. There will be form to be filled.
      2. Make sure your maid has valid passport (at least her passport must be valid one year from her departure date to your country)
      3. To get KTKLN, tell your maid to visit the nearest BP3TKI office with:
      a. New contract with embassy/consulate attestation
      b. Valid passport and visa
      c. Surat Keterangan Sehat from nearest Public Health Center(Puskesmas) or hospital. Some BP3TKI office has a stand by doctor but some doesn’t.
      d. Money as much as Rp 290.000 for insurance. (Tell your maid, if she visits BP3TKI office without ‘Surat Keterangan Sehat’ it’s better to take another Rp 200,000 in case she also needs to pay doctor’s fee).


      • Lau berkata:

        Dear Pak,

        Hee Hee! Still our sincere appreciation and even more towards your quick response.

        Btw, I have some typo-error on the Year stated.

        – KTKLN expiring 03-April-2014 ->>>>>>>>>>>should be 03-April-2015
        – Proteksi TKI expiring 13-April-2014->>>>>>>>should be 13-April-2015
        – Passport expiring 12-June-2017
        – Visa expiring 22-July-2014 (next week will arrange to renew)

        Regarding c) Surat Keterangan Sehat, are you saying that she still need to do get it done even the Proteksi TKI still valid?

        Again my sincere apoloiges for the typo-error.


      • Humari berkata:

        She doesn’t need new KTKLN then. If she returns to Malaysia after Lebaran.

  103. ooi berkata:

    Pak Humari,
    Thanks again so much! Replying at 3.38 am is amazing!!!
    What is needed in the surat keterangan sehat? What does it need to cover in the letter so that my maid can tell the doctor to ensure all that is needed is in the letter.

    Would you have a sample?

    Thanks again!!

    • Nirmala Devi Munusamy berkata:

      Dear Humari, Greetings! Nirmala here again.

      My maid will be leaving for Bandung on 22/7/14 for 2 weeks. She has been with me for close to 14 years and is not subject to fomema. My questions however are: 1) must she get a medical done in Bandung and if yes, where? 2) Is there any new requirement that she has to do a medical in  Malaysia before she leaves?

      3) Her levy expires on 20th October 2014. Must i extend her levy at the Malaysian Immigrations for another year now itself or can i do it after she returns on 6/8/14 (as she returns before the levy expires)? 4) Will there be any problem at the Malaysian or Indonesian Immigrations for her return given that she has been working with me for close to 14 years?

      She will be taking with her the following as advised by you: 1) a renewed contract for 2 years; 2) a passport valid till 2017; 3) levy paid until 20th Oct 2014; 4) Domestic maid’s insurance policy for 2 years; and

      5) The required payment for the KTKLN and medical in Bandung if required.

      Thank you.

      Regards Nirmala

      • Humari berkata:

        1. Actually medical check up for maid who extend the contract can be done by any doctor in any hospital or even general clinic. BP3TKI Bandung only require “surat keterangan sehat”. Not full medical check up report.

        2. No

        3. About Malaysia levy, I don’t have information. I am Indonesian 🙂

        4. Indonesia government (in this case BP3TKI) will approve, they will release KTKLN as long as the maid has new contract between you and your maid with embassy attestation. I don’t know the regulation in Malaysia.

        5. IDR 290,000 for insurance (valid for 2 years)

      • Nirmala berkata:

        Dear Humari,
        Thank you for your prompt reply. Can i know if there is a specific format a doctor from a private clinic in Malaysia would have to adopt for the “surat keterangan sehat”. Thank you once again.

  104. Lau berkata:

    Dear Pak,

    Noted your reply on the KTKLN but I did not see any reply regarding c)?
    Please advise.


    • Humari berkata:

      Since she doesn’t need new KTKLN, she doesn’t need that letter either.

      • Nirmala Devi Munusamy berkata:

        Dear Humari,

        Kindly let me have the standard format for the “surat keterangan sehat” if any. I will be getting my maid to see a private practitioner (doctor) in Malaysia. Thank you for all your help. Regards Nirmala

      • Humari berkata:

        It’s should be done in Indonesia. There are many GPs here, so no need to worry.

      • Nirmala Devi Munusamy berkata:

        I will get a letter from a GP certifying her good health here and get her to see a doctor in Bandung as well. Thank you Humari. Regards Nirmala

    • Lau berkata:

      Dear Pak,

      Thank you so much and noted that she does not need the surat, since KTKLN still valid.

      God Bless,

  105. No End berkata:

    Hi there/ Salam,

    My maid is going back in 13 days for Raya/Eid holiday. Can you help me with some doubts?
    1. She already have a KTKLN from 2 years back. I see that there is online form http://ktkln.bnp2tki.go.id/tkiprof.htm > Is this applicable for renewal?
    2. Once I fill that, she just need to go any kantor P4TKI to collect it?
    3. Will picture be taken again for renewal?
    4. If it take Insurance from Malaysia, which I see part of the selection in the KTKLN form, will it be valid for the KTKLN process?

    Thaks in advance and appreciate your response!

    • Humari berkata:

      1. It’s only for formal worker application.
      2. See my reply above.
      3. Yes
      4. No, it’s should be insurance in Indonesia approved by our labour ministry.

  106. Mar Bakir berkata:

    Dear Pak Humari,
    My maid has been working with my family for 7years and she’s taking her annual leave this raya. I’m from Malaysia, by the way. Got several questions regarding KTKLN renewal.
    1. Is it better to get surat keterangan sehat in Indonesia or in Malaysia. As much as possible, I want to get everything done over here so that it will be less headache for my maid. She’ll be going to BP3TKI Semarang, which is quite far away from her village.
    2. I have downloaded the work contract (domestic worker) from KBRI Kuala Lumpur website. I notice a signatory from Jabatan Imigresen as witness. Is this mandatory? I’ve compared with other contracts and those contracts do not require Imigresen’s signatory.
    3. With regards to the contract. Last time I downloaded it and filled it up before going to the KBRI. But it was rejected by the officer, saying that I need to fill the contract form taken from the KBRI. I had to queue for the form, then queue back for the rekening number (penat…). Is the situation still the same ie dowloaded form not accepted.
    4. My maid’s KTKLN actually expired late 2013, after she got back from raya 2013. Will she be in trouble with Indonesian immigration?
    5. Is it ok if I buy the insurance here in KL (Perwalu Asuransi TKI).
    6. There’s an online application for KTKLN. Can she renew her KTKLN online? I am hoping that through online method, she just need to go and collect the card and no need to wait so long at the BP3TKI.
    Looking fwd to your feedback, Pak & tq in advance.


    • Humari berkata:

      1. It’s should be done in Indonesia. FYI, some BP3TKI requires it, some others don’t. But it’s better to prepare. Tell your maid to visit nearest GP or Puskesmas (Public Health Community).

      2. BP3TKI in Indonesia will not ask for that sign in the contract. All they want to see it the attestation from Embassy.

      3. It’s better to do what KBRI officer tell you.

      4. No. As long as she take with her new contract from KBRI and valid passport and visa.

      5. Yes. But I suggest it’s better to buy it in BP3TKI Semarang.

      6. No. It’s only for worker who work in company, kilang, hotel etc.


      • Mar Bakir berkata:

        Dear Pak Humari,

        Tq for the reply. Another query :
        1. How much does it cost to do get surat keterangan sehat from the GP/ Puskesmas.
        2. Does BP3TKI has a separate counter for KTKLN renewal.


      • Humari berkata:

        1. Around Rp 100,000 – 200,000 from private GP. But from Puskesmas is less. About Rp 50,000. In some province even free.
        2. Mostly in same location different counter. She can get it within the same day.

  107. No End berkata:

    Thanks Pak Humari. Why is the KTKLN only for ‘formal’ worker? I see an informal dropdown in the online form. I just want to understanding the reasoning for differences for Indonesian worker.

  108. kl girl berkata:

    Hello Pak Humari. Do you know whether the kontrak kerja given by the Duta in KL can be used to renew the maid’s contract for only one year or a few years? Thank you.

    • Humari berkata:

      As long as I know the duta will only extend the contract not more than two years.

      • KLGirl berkata:

        Thank you Pak.

      • Mar Bakir berkata:

        Salam Pak Humari,

        I just legalized my maid’s work contract in KBRI Kuala Lumpur yesterday. Just to share that they accepted the downloaded contract form (previous visit, the downloaded form was rejected). Also, they only allow 1 year contract duration. I already filled up as 2 yrs but it was scratched off…*sigh*


      • Humari berkata:

        Thanks for the info

  109. Pam berkata:

    Hi Humari,

    Thank you, lots of good info on this site re KTKLN.

    We are hiring a transfer helper on end of Aug. She is going back to Indo end of this week and coming back into sg under her current WP. Her KTKLN expires April 2015. We plan to transfer after she comes back in. Is she still allowed to leave Indo with 7 months left on her card?

    Her passport is till 2017 so that’s no issue. It seems pointless to renew KTKLN at this point when she has so much validity on it. I would ask her to renew it when we send her back for annual vacation next year.


    • Humari berkata:

      If she does’nt tell to the BNP2TKI staff in the aiport, immigration and the policemen (in the airport) that she changes the employer, there will be no problem.

      • Pam berkata:

        Thanks so much for your assistance – I thought as much – but nowhere does it state what is the min validity the card should have when leaving – like passport will be 6 month…..

  110. Pam berkata:

    sorry i couldnt find the earlier post and thought it didnt send! you can delete this post 😉

  111. Mel berkata:

    is a contract extension necessary? A letter from me as the employer is sufficient?

    My maid’s contract expired in Feb 2014. Do I need to get an extension or the visa in her passport is sufficient?

    Thank you.

    • Humari berkata:

      You and your maid need to visit our embassy/consulate to get new contract. Since the inspection in Indonesia (before your maid flies back to your country) airport is strict.

  112. Hannah berkata:

    Good day to you Encik Humari!

    My maid is from lombok and she has been working for me for two years and I have just renewed her working permit. She is going back to Lombok for her a month break in two days time. She does not have KTKLN card and she came in with JP visa last time. We did not realize about the need to have this card until I read your blog. I tried to bring her to Indonesian embassy but it was closed for a week (only available next Monday) and she is leaving this sat. Any advice or opinion is much appreciated!

    • Humari berkata:

      You maid should wait until the embassy is on again to get attested contract. If she goes back to you with working visa, the policemen will ask her to show KTKLN card.

      • Hannah berkata:

        Thank you Mr.Humari for your prompt reply. We have decided to delay her break for few more days. Does she need to show her Indonesia identity card when she goes to Mataram BP3TKI office? She doesn’t carry it with her when she left for Malaysia to work and also we just released that her passport name isn’t tally with her identity card name.

        Appreciate your opinion n advices!

  113. xander berkata:


    Pembantu saya suda kerja 3tahun.
    work permit berlaku smpai 2016.
    sy lupa cek KTKLN dia barusan expired mingu lalu.
    Apa yg bisa dilakukan kalo pmbantu sy suda kburu pulang kampung?
    Terima kasih untuk bantuannya.

  114. Afidah berkata:

    good morning,

    My employer’s maid is from Lampung. They are going for holiday in Bali in October 2014. I actually called Denpasar BP3TKI for information on renewal of my employer’s maid KTKLN. I’m afraid that i don’t really understand your language and felt confused.

    The officer explained that there’s a document called surat pengantar dari Pemerintah Lampung needs to be obtained before they could process the application in Bali.

    My question is what is that document? is it imperative for her to have the document. Can my employer’s maid submit apply for renewal of her KTKLN in Denpasar? What are the documents needed.

    Hope you can enlighten me of the above.

    Looking forward to your reply and thank you in advance.

    • Humari berkata:

      Local government in Bali has its own rule. And even BP3TKI actually not under local government authority (it’s under BNP2TKI which is situated in Jakarta), still they need to obey local regulation. One of it is that Bali Province does not approve any maid for overseas employment. And to prevent their people from going to work abroad they make an order to BP3TKI Denpasar not to release KTKLN for maid. And if there is application from maid from other province outside Bali to get KTKLN renewed in Denpasar, BP3TKI must have written approval that the KTKLN they give is not for Balinesse people.

      That’s why they ask for ‘surat pengantar’ from Lampung province government. No other way, your maid must visit other BP3TKI offices.

      • msmdnor berkata:

        Thank you Mr Humari. At least now i understand. One more question. If my employer decides to reroute to Jakarta on her way back from her holiday, can her maid submit/apply for her renewal of KTKLN card in Jakarta?

      • Humari berkata:

        Yes. But starting September 1st, they close KTKLN counter in the airport. The nearest place you can visit is P4TKI Tangerang. It’s around 3-4 km outside the airport.

      • msmdnor berkata:

        This is great. Thank you so much, Mr Humari for your explanation. 🙂

      • msmdnor berkata:

        Evening Mr Humari,

        I would like to know how do we get the ‘Surat Pengantar Pemerintah Lampung’ from Malaysia. Could it be done electronically or my employer’s maid need to apply personally? Can her family members in Lampung apply for her the ‘Surat Pengantar Pemerintah Lampung’.

        Another question, if my employer’s maid KTKLN expired by the time she she wants to leave Bali, is there going to be any problem for her to leave Bali/Indonesia?

      • Humari berkata:

        Your maid or her family should visit the province government office in Lampung. Instead of doing it, it’s better to apply KTKLN in BP3TKI Lampung directly.

  115. msmdnor berkata:

    thank you for your clarification mr humari.

  116. :) berkata:

    Sy prnh krja sbg hs maid ds’pr selama 2X kntrak krja tnpa ambl cuti blik kmpung,sy ptuzkn tdk prpnjng lg,…hmpr 2th di indn… Boz sy telf akn mngajak sy utk bkrj dg Beliau kmbali stlh mnunggu maid pngganti sy hbz kntrk krj…(jan 2015)
    Sy blng jk tdk ada pot. Gj. Ini akn mnyenangkn…
    Bz blng dy cm akn mmtng gj sy 2bln sj…(gj mngkuti aturn yg dttpkn) mslh pasport expiry sy sruh uruskn dn bz yg akn mmbiayai … Bz blng addrez agent nnt dy ksh…
    Yg sy tnykn:
    -Apakah sy hrz pny KTKLN mengingat th lalu sy brngkt melalui PT sy blm mngenal dn mmprgunakan KTKLN
    – langkah langkah apa saja yang mst sy urus disni smpai tjuan s’pore…
    – prlukah PT mmbntu proses sy..??
    – Pasport sy msh berlaku smpai may 2015,apkh msh bs dprgunakn mengingt permit dlm bntuk IC sdh dihentikn…

    • Humari berkata:

      Saya pusing baca tulisan Anda. Bahasa itu untuk menyamakan pemahaman. Jadi lain kali lebih diperhatikan.
      – Untuk posisi maid sesuai aturan negara harus ada KTKLN.
      – Minta majikan untuk hubungi agen di Singapura. Agen Singapura akan menghubungi PJTKI. Nanti Anda tinggal datang ke kantor PJTKInya.
      – Ya.
      – Harus dibuat ulang. Dan PJTKI yang akan bantu Anda buat bikin paspor baru.

  117. Riel berkata:

    Ma’af pak ,apa btl pasport akn dgnti mnjdi E-pasport?mksh..

  118. kamala berkata:

    Good morning,

    Your postings have been very helpful and would like to thank you for the time and effort taken to maintain this blog.

    My maid has been with us for the past 13 years. In 2010, she wanted to go back for good and as the procedure requires, I did the the normal check out memo and bade her farewell. After 6 months, she called and wanted to come back. So I did all necessary documentation under JP visa and now she has a work permit valid till 5th August 2015. She is going back for a 2 month holiday on 31-10-2014 and will be back on 07-01-2015. She does not have the KTKLN card. My question is as follows:

    1. Do I have to bring her along to the Malaysian Indonesian Embassy to renew the employment contract? It wil be a hassle and as I have school going kids. I have downloaded the contract. Can I get her to sign the downloaded contract and do the submission all by myself.

    2. My husband is the official employer. Can I sign the contract on his behalf? I will get him to sign the Surat Wakil together with our Marriage certificate. I want to do this since he is very busy and he wont be able to go to the embassy in KL. Or is his signature is required in the employment contract?

    3. Since this is the first time she will apllying for the KTKLN, how much is the charges for the application in Surabaya.
    a. the medical check up
    b. Insurance
    c. KTKLN card

    4. How do I go about the maid insurance in KL? how much does it cost? Where do i get it? (this part, I understand your won’t be able to help me and I hope any of our Malaysian friends can help me out in this – thank you.)

    5. Can she do this KTKLN thing in Kediri? If yes, can i have the address, please?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you.


    • Humari berkata:

      1. It depends on what visa she takes with her. If she has working visa she must have KTKLN. The embassy will ask maid as well about her experience working with you just to make sure that the contract extension is as the maid’s will. You’re not the only one who will be interviewed by embassy.

      2.The embassy only ask one of the employer to attend to sign. Either you or your husband. Just take with you all supporting papers, in case you need them to be copied & submited.

      3. a. For renewal contract, medical check up only IDR 100.000 (It’s in Jakarta, it varies in other province, but will not be too many different). It can be done in the counter.
      b. IDR 290.000 (valid for two years) or IDR 170.000 (if the contract extended for one year only)
      c. If a & b being paid, they will issue KTKLN for her. Tell her to spare IDR 100.000-150.000.

      4. No counter in Kediri. She needs to travel to Surabaya.

  119. kamala berkata:

    Thank you Pak Humari. Going to the Embassy tommorow morning. Wish me luck. Hopefully everything can be settled in a day. Will update tomorrow. 🙂

  120. Caysk Caysk berkata:

    Hi Humari,

    I am going to Bali this November with my Indonesian work. He works as a factory worker. We are travelling from Malaysia.

    1) What documents does my friend need to submit to apply for KTKLN? Can he download the form on line? If yes, can you provide me the link
    2) Does he need to go for medical check up?
    3) Where is BP3TKI current office in Denpasar?

    The KTKLN issue really spoil our holiday mood as we need to cancel our tour arrangement.

    Terima kasih


    • Humari berkata:

      1. He needs new contract from you. No need embassy attestation. For application click http://ktkln.bnp2tki.go.id/tkiprof.htm
      2. He can do it in KTKLN counter when he take the card in Denpasar
      3. BP3TKI Denpasar, Jln Hayam Wuruk, No. 326, Denpasar

      • Caysk Caysk berkata:

        Hi Humari,

        Sorry he is my friend. So, he needs a new contract from his employer. Do you have the contract sample?


      • Humari berkata:

        Yes, of course. But it belongs to my company. I can’t give it to you. Actually every company has its own contract between them and their employee. It’s sufficient enough actually. As long as the articles in it are not against both country’s rules.

  121. kamala berkata:


    Went to the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur this morning and got everything done. Arrived there at 8 am. The crowd was humungous. Got no 4007. Was called for document submission by 9.15am (they start work at 9 am) The officer was so polite and he also took time to explain to my maid about the things to be done in Surabaya to get the KTKLN. Waited until 11.15 am to get back the attested copy of the Employment contract.

    This is the list of documents that I submitted today:

    1. 3 copies – Employment contract (downloaded from Embassy website)
    2. 2 copies – Maid’s passport
    3. 2 copies – Employer’s IC(Husband)
    4. 2 copies – Representative’s IC (Wife) – since I represented my husband
    5. 2 copies – Surat Wakil signed by employer appointing wife to deal with the Embassy
    6. 2 copies – Marriage certificate – to prove wakil is employer’s wife
    7. 2 copies – Maid’s bank pass book – only the front cover that states maid’s name

    Note : It seems that there is a ruling that TKI visiting the Embassy must wear shoes. There were a few ladies at the entry gate trying to sell terrible looking shoes to the TKI waiting in the queue. She tried to pursuade me to buy one for my maid but I refused. A few ladies actually fell for the scam and bought the shoes. However, we were not checked at all in the Embassy. But just in case, please ensure the maid/ other employees to wear proper shoes when visiting the Embassy. Who knows, they would be more stringent in the checking in future.

    Thank you Pak Humari for the this blog. It was a definitely a great help. To all applicants, just make sure to take photocopies of all relevant documents before you go eventhough photocopy service is available there because the as I said early, the crowd was indeed humongous.

    Kamala 🙂

  122. Sherly berkata:


    I would like to bring my maid from Indonesia to Singapore for the first time. May i know how to get the original renewal contract attested by embassy/consulate? Thank you.

  123. Bryan berkata:

    Hello Humari,
    Thanks for all the info on this website. My maid is now in indonesia and she informed me that her health check is unsuccessful and asked me to send her the fomema report. What can I do? Does the BP3TKI accepts this report? Thanks.

  124. Ong Pei Joo berkata:

    Hi, My Maid was went back to Indonesia for vacation on 3 Oct, my agent told me that she only need to do a new identification card before she return to Malaysia and didnt inform me about the KTKLN. (As my maid was first time went back during her 6 years working) . Due to this reason, i never prepare any documents for her. Now I facing the issue that she need the new contract of work, but she was at Indonesia and i was at Malaysia currently, please advise whether i can personnally apply the said contract at Indonesia Embassy in Malaysia?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Humari berkata:

      You need to contact your agent. As long as they don’t have problem with our embassy, they can provide you with the contract required.

  125. v_valeska@yahoo.com berkata:

    Hi, we are taking our maid to Jakarta next month. As her KTKLN has already expired, what are the documents needed to renew the KTKLN in Jakarta?

    Does she need her KTP for renewal? she doesn’t have her KTP with her in Singapore though.

    • Humari berkata:

      Make sure she has valid passport at least one year ahead and renewal contract from the embassy. As long as she has these two papers, BP3TKI Jakarta will release her new KTKLN.

      • v_valeska@yahoo.com berkata:

        Thanks for your reply.

        Can we renew her KTKLN directly at Jakarta office? or must it go through an agent?

      • Humari berkata:

        Yes, as long as your maid take her renewal contract with embassy attestation, passport + visa and undergo simple medical check up.

  126. Angie berkata:

    My maid is going back on home leave and her KTKLN card has expired. Can she use our old work contract from the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore? We signed the contract in Nov 2012 and I am still her employer.

    Many thanks!

  127. Angie Ng berkata:

    Hi, my maid went back to Lombok for holiday on 20th November and scheduled to come back on 2nd Dec 2014 and she called me for the contract and Surat Cuti for her to apply for the KTKLN, I’ll bring the documents to her personally in Lombok by tomorrow, may i know can she purchase the insurance on the spot at BP3TKI Mataram and is it open on Saturday? Appreciate your reply urgently. Thank you

  128. Sue berkata:


    I read from the news that KTKLN has been aborted and no longer needed. Is it for immediate effect? Thanks

  129. Sue berkata:

    Noted on your advice with thanks.

  130. Lau berkata:

    Dear Pak,

    Hope all is well with you..

    My maid would like to return home for good in January 15 to take care of the grandchildren.

    Understand is a must to do the “CHECK-OUT MEMO” but is it a must to buy the air ticket too?

    She told me just cancel her visa and give cash for the air ticket so that she go travel in Malaysia first.

    Thank you again for the prompt reply.


    • Humari berkata:

      I don’t really know what is applied now in Malaysia. I heard that new regulation will be applied soon. Previously, check out memo from your immigration is needed. If you don’t provide it to your maid, she can’t go back to Malaysia for working anymore.

      • Lau berkata:

        Dear Pak,

        Mmm..new regulation?

        Yes, check out memo is still needed but my question to the purchase of air-ticket is it a must…
        Anyway i just spoken with somebody and he mentioned ” air-ticket” is a must. Is illegal not to do so.

        Thank you so much for the prompt response.

        YOu are the BEST!


  131. Vincent David berkata:

    Hello. My workers only bought it to my attention today that their overseas workers I d card will expire on the 14th January 2015. There are booked to leave on the 31st January 2015 back to Indonesia. 1. Will they have a problem entering Indonesia on their return. 2. Will they have problems renewing the ID card. 3. How much for the card. Thank you

    • Humari berkata:

      1. There will be no problem
      2. Your workers are employed in houses or company? If they work for a company and their visas are on behalf of a company name, the company must provide them new contract. No need embassy attestation. But if your workers are maid and work for private houses, you & your maid must visit Indonesian embassy/consulate to get new contract.
      3. Please check point no 3 of the posting above.

  132. adi berkata:

    pak.sy mw tanya…re entry permit isteri sy bulan depan habis…sementara saat ini masi di luar indonesia(malaysia)..apakh bisa perpanjang re entry permitnya di kjri malaysia

    • Humari berkata:

      Permit kerja yang berwenang keluarkan adalah pihak Malaysia. Bukan KBRI/KJRI. Yang bisa lakukan adalah majikan. Minta majikan istri buat perpanjang. Kalau mau pulang datangi KBRI/KJRI untuk bikin kontrak baru.

  133. Inthirany berkata:

    hi, my maid is going back to indonesia for holiday in June 2015. I have downloaded the contract but the website you gave http://ktkln.bnp2tki.go.id/tkiprof.htm, is for which form? Is it to be used in indonesia? If for Indonesia, can i submit the form online and my maid just collects there. Please help.

  134. Mun Kit berkata:

    Hi, my maid told me the indon govt is going to cancel this KTKLN card for all foreign domestic worker. If she goes back on 1 week vacation in May 15 and her KTKLN card is expiring in July 15, does she still need to renew this card?

  135. Nadiah berkata:

    Dear Pak Humairi,

    My maid has been with me for almost 2 years, and will be going back to Indonesia for the first time for 2 weeks holiday on 28 March 2015 and will be back on 11 April 2015. Her work permit is expiring in May 2015. She has no KTKLN card. I am getting the insurance and contract of employment sorted out before she leaves, so she can do her KTKLN card in Indonesia. Will there be any issues for her to leave Indonesia, as her work permit is expiring soon, although still valid when she is reentering Malaysia? Like for passports, you need at least 6 months validity to travel, are there any similar rules for work permit? Is it advisable that I renew her work permit before she goes back to Indonesia?

    Thanks in advance.

  136. Raj berkata:


    My help has started working with me for 6 months now. She has KTKLN expiring on April 25, 2015. This was made when she was working with previous employer.

    I am now going for holiday to Bali with family and taking her along and returning back on April 01, 2105 where her KTKLN will be valid on that day. Will she be allowed to leave Indonesia and travel back.

    Is that okay or do i need to apply for an new KTKLN as she is now working for me i.e. new employer.

  137. ooi berkata:

    Hi Pak Humari,
    I just called the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur and I was told that the KTKLN counter in the Jakarta Airport is no longer open.

    Is that true?

    She is from Lampung Tengah.

    Thank you for patiently answering all our questions!

  138. Reena berkata:

    Hi, apakah langkah yang seharusnya saya ambil utk renew KTKLN secara online? Mohon dijelaskan secepat mungkin. Terima kasih.

  139. June berkata:

    Hi Humari,

    Will the KTKLN removed from system by June or July? My domestic helper who has never had KTKLN for the past several years working with us. She going back for vacation and is requested to go through batam route instead of getting a KTKLN. Heard that getting a KTKLN needs few months training before she can come back. Is it true?

    • Humari berkata:

      No. KTKLN will not be removed until the article stated about it in our law being removed firstly. If your maid will take vacation and afterwards getting back to work for you, no additional training required. If they tell you that ypur maid better to pass through Batam, ignore that false info.

  140. yuni berkata:

    Pak..mohon info ter update nya…setau saya dr kabar kawan2 ktkln sudah dbekukan dan tidak dtanyakan lgi d bandara2 d indonesia ktika mreka akan kmbali k negara tmpat mreka krja(hongkong,taiwan,singapur)
    Dan lagi..mulai april kmaren katanya akan ada pmberlakuan e-ktkln bagi calon tki yg baru prtama kali akan bkrja kluar negri…itu katanya praturan trbaru dr pak presiden..

    Bisa tolong info ter update nya pak..bnarkah sprti itu??

    • Humari berkata:

      Yang bikin puyeng, KTKLN itu ya sudah E. Jadi kalau ada E-KTKLN lagi, upaya itu bikin bingung dan realisasinya sampai saat ini yang masih KTKLN yang sebelumnya.

      KTKLN itu sudah ditulis di UU kita. Yang mengesahkan Megawati. Yang pilih Jokowi silakan mewek. Kalau dihapus ya sama juga menampar muka Megawati dan PDIP. Jadi selama UU 39 itu belum direvisi, KTKLN ya tetap berlaku.

      • Adi berkata:

        Observasi yang tajam, Pak. I like your point. But NOT KTKLN ruling, honestly.

      • Humari berkata:

        Mas, pemberlakuan KTKLN itu sudah banyak menyelamatkan anak bangsa dari trafiking. Dan sekarang mau dihapus, bahkan saya dengar Menaker sudah memberlakukan KTKLN tanpa kartu yang prosedurnya sama saja hanya tak mengeluarkan kartu. Kita lihat saja hasilnya. Sekarang pemerintah tak punya data kepulangan TKI kita. Sebentar lagi takkan bisa kontrol perdagangan manusia di pelabuhan dan bandara kita. Apakah pemerintah tahu itu? Ya sangat tahu. Kecuali cara mencari order, pengetahuan mereka setara dengan kami yang bergerak di bidang perekrutan.

        Tapi demi popularitas di media dan publik UU yang dibikin sendiri ya ditabrak. UU itu bikinan Megawati ditabrak oleh presiden yang dari PDIP juga.

    • Endah berkata:

      Tapi pda prakteknya,bnyak oknum yg mncari clah untuk mmras tki yg gak pnya krtu tsb ktika check in d bndra pak..ya walopun skrg dah gak lgi sih katanya..
      Dan para tki pun bnyak yg mnggampangkan gtu,gpp lah gak bkin,gak d tanyain ini d airport,mgkin bgtu pmikiran mreka…
      Juli kmaren saya cuti lbaran,dan emg sngaja renew ktkln yg dah expired sjak 3taun yll,walopun saya tau psti,it krt gak bakal dtanyain pas dbandara..tpi nyari aman saja,klo ad ap2 dgn saya kn ad data jlas,dan nyarinya jlas…toh bikinnya gak sribet yg dbayangkan,slama data yg dprlukan lgkap,tinggal dateng k kantor,mdical,nunggu bbrpa jam,djepret,sidik jari,dah slesai…
      Kbanyakan mreka yg gak bkin pun krna nggampangke itu pak..males,gak mkir resiko…kl ad ap2 baru lah nyalahin pmrntah..
      Dan skrg,memang dah brasa gak brlaku lgi it krtu…krna memang gak dtanyain lgi,gak ad kwajiban bikin…
      😁😁😁😁 #just sharing ☺

      • Humari berkata:

        Ya, meski kartunya sudah tidak dikeluarkan, pendataan tetaplah penting. Bukan zamannya lagi kalau ada TKI kita tertimpa musibah baru mencari data secara manual. Kejadian deportasi besar-besaran Arab Saudi beberapa tahun yang lalu bisa dijadikan contoh. Sukses buat Anda.

  141. Li berkata:

    Hi Humari,

    My mum’s maid who has been working with us for 7 years is going back for home leave at Bandung. She has no new contract with us. Do we need to get the new contract at the embassy without the need to show the old contract. We could not find the old contract. Also, kindly advise :

    1) How soon we need to get her contract at the embassy before she leaves?
    2) Why can she do the KTKLN card in Bandung? And how fast can she do it?
    3) What other documents are needed for KTKLN card besides her passport and valid work permit?
    4) Will the offices closed for KTKLN in Bandung during Hari Raya Holidays? If so, how long?

    Thanks for helping to answer the above questions.

  142. Noraliza berkata:


    my maid has been working with me for 7 years and she will alwaey go back for every 2 years of werking and this time she going back on 29/5/2015 till 28/6/2015 so for this I have prepare for her to bring back her renewal contract from indo embassy di Singapore,insurance and her valid work permit till end of this year also she still has a passport valid till next year for this is there anymore I should asked her to bring?ive read about the health check up?so far she has done it Singapore for every 6 mth but we will not have any letter for that so can you advised if she need to do it in Indonesia clinic also for this?and can I know how much is the KTLN card price for 2 years onwards?

  143. Gabby berkata:

    Hi Humari

    Do you know when BP3TKI offices are closed for Hari Raya Puasa holidays in July?
    My maid is going back to Surabaya few days before start of holiday, hope she can make the KTKLN card before she flies back to Singapore end July.

    Thank you.

  144. Maria berkata:

    Hi Humari,

    Can you please help me with the following?

    My current maid has worked for me for 3 years. Her contract ends next year (2016). Her passport is valid until 22 December 2015. Her work permit is valid until 22 November 2015. However, her KTKLN card already expired.

    Can i still bring her to Bali for holiday? Will she need a valid KTKLN card to come back with me to Singapore?

    Really appreciate your advise soon because i have booked our holidays to Bali (12 June’15 – 16 June’15).

    Thank you.

  145. Eka Budi susanti berkata:

    Selamat pgi Pak.
    sya mau plng tgl 31juli 2015 nih pak,sya mau membuat kontrak krj baru.tp work permit sy expire tgl 18 feb 2016 & pasport sy hbis 3 Octb 2016.
    Apakah sy hrs memperpanjang work permit & pasport baru pak untk membuat kontrak kerja?

    • Humari berkata:

      Di kontrak kerja tertulis masa berlaku. Sudah kadaluwarsa atau belum. Kalau belum ya gak perlu diperbarui

      • Eka Budi susanti berkata:

        Contrak krj expire tgl 6 Nov 2015.
        Tp KTKLN expire tgl 25 Nov 2015.
        sya kembli k sngpor tgl 14 agustus,
        apakah sya hrus membuat KTKLN lg Pak?

  146. Josephine berkata:


    My maid been working for me for 8 years. Now she want to go back from Malaysia to Indonesia for holiday in Dec 2015 and she is coming back on 31 Jan 2016?
    Her work permit expire 19 April 2016, Passport valid 5 April 2017.

    Please advise what I should do now.
    1) Do I need to get Surat Bercuti at ambassy or no need?
    2) Do I need to renew her permit before she go back?
    4) Do I need to renew her passport?

    Please advise me.

    • Humari berkata:

      1. When was the last time she went back to Indonesia. If 2-3 years ago, she must have KTKLN. Check her KTKLN validity. If it’s expired, you need to visit our embassy to get surat cuti.
      2. No
      4. No.

  147. Esther berkata:

    Hi, I am bringing my helper to jakarta and bandung for holiday with my family in December. Can I check if this KTKLN card is mandatory as she doesn’t have one?

    Thanks in advance for ur advice

  148. Usha berkata:

    Hi Pak, my maid had to rush back to Indon on 24/11/15 due to her mum was in ICU and now passed away, we couldn’t do the contract so fast so we let her go and than we went to the embassy in KL to do her new contract and we have couriered to her the contract, indon insurance, employer IC. Can you pls adivise if she can do the KTKLN card at the Cirebon office or which is the nearest to Brebes where she live, How much she need to pay for the card and does she need to do any medical examination. Appreciate if you could advise. Thank you.

    • Humari berkata:

      She need to visit Semarang. Not Cirebon. Cirebon is situated at Jawa Barat while she lives in Brebes which is a part of Jawa Tengah. She only need to pay IDR 290,000 for insurance & IDR 150,000 for medical check up in BP3TKI Semarang.

  149. munkitlim berkata:

    Hi Pak Humari, i understand from my helper in Y2015, indonesian government has cancelled this KTKLN card. Is this correct? She wants to make a home trip this hari raya 2016, but i am worried about her KTKLN card as it has expired….. Can you please advise?

    Many thanks in advance,
    Mun Kit

  150. munkitlim berkata:

    Hi Pak Humari, my helper is planning to return for home leave this hari raya and she told me KTKLN card no longer required. Is it true? Her card expired in May 2015. I understand in this post without a valid KTKLN she cannot return. Kindly advise.

  151. Ptl-lmf berkata:

    Hi, Humari,
    KBRI at Kuala Lumpur has put a barcode at the bottom right corner of the stamped maid contract. Noticed that the first 2 digit of my maid’s passport no. is different in the barcode. The last 6 digits of the passport no. is correct in the barcode. Is this an error in the barcode or is it the barcode only take the last 6 digit of the passport no.? For example, passport no. is AR 123456 but in the last 8 numbers in the barcode is A8123456.

    I am afraid that this may pose problem when my maid do the KTKLN card at Indonesia.

    Please advise. Thanks

  152. belindalim berkata:

    Good morning, my home helper is leaving back to indonesia tomoro for holiday 1 month.
    we had renew the contract already.
    1)So, she is not working in factory but home ,can she still apply KTKLN card online ?
    2)can she collect her KTKLN CARD at jakarta soekarno- hatta airport ? is there any counter for collection ?


  153. ika maesaroh berkata:

    i am a worker..i want to go back to indonesia but my KTKLN is expired already..than my agent say that i have to pay insurance when i in the imigration..is it true?how much i should pay?

  154. Mimi berkata:

    If I applied my helper E-KTKLN do I still need to go to embassy to do the contract?

    • Humari berkata:

      You can’t apply for her. She need to do it by herself. When doing it, BP3TKI officer will ask from her the original contract with embassy attestation

  155. Iza berkata:

    Hello. My helper’s KTKLN will expire on the 8/8/2016. She’s going back in June and will be returning somewhere end of July 2016. My question is:
    1. Does she still need to renew he KTKLN since it’s still valid at the time of her departure?

    Hope you can help me out. TQ.

  156. Pak berkata:

    Hi. My indo helper has work with me for over 1yr and she has requested for home leave during June period. I have no problem letting for go home leave, but I’m worry about documentation and her re-entry to SG. What must I do? What documents does she need? Please help me. Thank you.

    • Humari berkata:

      If she has valid papers (passport, KTKLN, visa) she will pass inspection (when flying back to SG) in our airport easily.

  157. Renuka berkata:

    hi, My helper had to go home in emergency because her mum was very ill in hospital. So I did not manage to go to embassy in malaysia to get her renewal contract. I am now making the arrangements for her to come back so I was planning to email the contract for her to sign and post back to me and I will then take the copies to embassy for attestation and send it back to her. Just wanted to check where I can download the contract and whether there will be any problem when I go to embassy because she has already gone.

  158. Renuka berkata:

    My helper has been working with my family for many many years. She has not returned to Indon for 4 years now and so we did not know anything about the KTKLN requirements. In April she flew back for an emergency as her mum was undergoing surgery. Her work permit and contract is valid till August 2016 and so we did not think that we needed to check with Embassy for her to go back since she will be back by end May, long before her permit and contract expire. After reading your blog, I am a bit concerned that she may not be able to return in May. Please advise what we should do since she is currently in Indonesia.

  159. KK berkata:

    With the e-KTKLN, how can we be sure that the helper got the application done correctly?

    Is Jakarta airport very strict about the need to have a valid KTKLN? I thinking of letting my ex-helper to return to work for me. She left Singapore about half a year ago and never have a KTKLN card.

  160. Caline berkata:

    Hello, my helper is going back to Malang via Surabaya Airport on 2 Jul 2016 and return to Singapore on 10 Jul 2016. She has no KTKLN card, she needs to apply one. But during Hari Raya, Will the office be opened during 2-10 Jul for both Surabaya and Malang Office? Or when the office be opened? Is this KTKLN application available in Surabaya Airport even on weekend and public holiday? How long does it take? Thank you.

    • Humari berkata:

      They only close for two days. First & second day of Hari Raya. It takes 1-2 hours only if she has all the papers required

  161. Mar Bakir berkata:

    Salam Pak Humari,

    My maid lives close to Purwodadi, Grobogan, Jawa Tengah. She used to go to BP3TKI Semarang for her KTKLN renewal.
    1. Is there other offices closer to Purwodadi?
    2. Has the e-KTKLN processing time improved ie shorter time to process. How long would it be?

    Tq Pak

    • Humari berkata:

      1. No. That the closest one. It’s around two hours with bus from Purwodadi
      2. Yes, they only take finger print & check the papers. No card to be waited for. The waiting moments depends on the queue. Unpredictable.

  162. nur berkata:

    Hi, this 21.05.16 we going for vacation at Bandung my maid KTKLN crad expired on Dec 2015.Do i need to renew her KTKLN card?

    • Humari berkata:

      Yes, please visit Indonesian embassy to get all paper required. They will not issue any card but they will collect your employee finger print.

  163. JL berkata:

    My ex-helper went back a month ago without renewing her contract. But, she called and wanted to come back to work? What is the paperwork needed in Indonesia she needs to do to come back here in Singapore?

    At Singapore, i can settle her Working Permit and Insurance in Singapore. But, i do not know how to help her in Indonesia. She said to go thru agent again in Indonesia, she has to pay a lot.

  164. Sandy berkata:

    If an FDW who has already left Singapore for home leave but only renewed her WP and Insurance in Singapore not her employment contract at embassy, how can she go about renewing her KTKLN in Indonesia?

  165. Joel berkata:

    Thank you for your time and effort in ans­wering all these questions.


    I have a problem. My maid who has been wi­th us in SIngapore for 15 years went back­ home recently to take care of her gravel­y ill mother for 2 weeks. Because it was ­on such short notice, she did not have ti­me to renew her KTKLN card which has expi­red. To make matters worse, my parents wh­o are her employers are both overseas for­ a considerable amount of time and have a­sked me to act in their absence. My maid ­says she needs an ‘Employer contract of a­greement’ which she does not have on her.­ The details are as follows


    Date of Departure: 16 May 2016­

    Date of Arrival: 26 May 2016­

    Passport Expiry: 8 April 2018­

    Work Permit Expiry: 21 March 2018­

    KTKLN card Expiry: 3 September 2015­


    I am planning of going to the Indonesian ­Embassy in Singapore tomorrow morning. Bu­t I do not want to be stonewalled when I ­get there. Is there anything I need to pr­epare?


    I have letter of authorization from my mo­ther (employer) and her IC details, I als­o have the passport, work permit and KTKL­N details of my maid.

    • Humari berkata:

      Sorry to reply you late. I was out of station for quite long time. Actually you need to go with her to the embassy. Hopefully you get the contract for her.

  166. Felecia Neo berkata:

    My Helper is going back to Indonesia for home leave in July. Can she apply for KTKLN at the embassy in Singapore? or does she needs to apply when she is back in Indonesia?

  167. SM berkata:

    Hi, Has be law been amended such that KTKLN is no longer required? Can my helper (who is planning to go back to Indonesia for a short holidays in July) present his Singapore work permit(instead of KTKLN) at the airport for departing to Singapore?

    • Humari berkata:

      It has been amended. But they apply new regulation which is call E-KTKLN. No card issued by them but in the airport they will check the finger print of every Indonesian who fly with working visa. So your maid, if her KTKLN is expired, needs to get new contract and, prior to fly back to SG, report to nearest BP3TKI office. Over there she must pay the insurance, undergo medical check up (they provide doctor in the office), and they will collect the finger print as well.

  168. Pat Chan berkata:

    I hv renewed my maid’s contract for 2 years in Dec 2015 and she had went back for Home Leave. When she came back, she got KTKLN expiry Nov 2017. If She wants to go back for indonesia for leave again in Dec 2016, does she need to apply another KTKLN before ahe comes back to Singapore?

  169. Kana berkata:

    my experience:
    park in building after the embassy, covered parking and cheaper than open area before embassy
    went at 10:30am, daily 50 no. ran out, got spare no. from a friend
    bought Indonesian insurance at carpark area at RM90 for 1 year
    documents rejected, print contract on one side only, had to fill in again
    was instructed to change salary from RM800 to RM1000 in contract
    2 copies contract, 1 copy IC, 1 copy maid insurance Malaysia (RHB buy in post office) and Indonesia, 1 copy passport (front, permit, back pages)
    maid and employer or authorized representative to be present
    told to prepare letter to petugas yang berkenaan for Indonesia later, stating maid going back on leave
    serviced at 2:30pm, collected documents at 4:00pm
    puasa time no canteen only stall

  170. Josephine Kim berkata:

    Hi, AS my helper will be going for her home leave in Dec 2016 and she doesn’t have any KTKLN. Does she needs to apply before coming back Singapore?


  171. Ayuni Yahaya berkata:

    Dear Sir,

    good day!

    I found your information very informative but I need to clarify certain details. I am from Singapore and am direct hiring a helper from Indonesia without any agent involved. I understand from my helper’s part, she needs to do the KTKLN card.

    – If she doesn’t not have any internet access, can she do the procedure at the office itself bringing her passport and 2 photo identification.

    – how much estimation would the process be as I would be remitting money to her

    – how long does the issue take as I need her to be with me by end july. I was told by an Indonesian agency that the process may take 60 days.

    – she is staying at central jawa. where is the nearest KTKLN office to visit and the opening hours since it is nearby to aidifitri.

    Thank you for answering these doubts I have potrayed.

    • Humari berkata:

      Our government prohibit direct hiring for housemaid recruitment. Please visit our embassy in SG and if they give you contact copy attested by them, I will answer all your question.

  172. wan berkata:

    hi, need your help.

    im doing a direct hire without an agency for a helper in indonesia. i have done everything needed in spore.

    how does my new helper get the ktkln card since she is not liasing with any agent.

    • Humari berkata:

      You need to visit our embassy first. If they agree to release the attested contract, you may go on. But I doubt it. Since our government prohibits the direct hiring for housemaid category

  173. janetan1960 berkata:

    Hi Humari, thanks for replying to all our queries. Would you know how long BP3TKI Semarang is close for Hari Raya holidays?
    If I help my maid apply for e-ktkln, what do we expect to get at the end of the e-application?

  174. Josephine Kim berkata:

    Hi, May I know how do I apply e-ktkln on behalf of my helper?

    • Humari berkata:

      She needs to apply by herself. Tell her to visit nearest BP3TKI with new attested contract and bring IDR 450.000-500.000 for insurance and medical check up.

  175. Shanthi berkata:

    My maid is in Semarang. She said the BP3TKI Semarang office is still closed. She is flying back to Malaysia on 18th July 2016. What is the best way to do the ktkln?

    Or how to apply e-ktkln?

  176. nasriyah berkata:


    is the KLKTN still a requirement now? how is e-klktn applied?

  177. Anna berkata:

    Pak Humari,

    Dec-2016: My maid is going back to Indonesia for a holiday and will return in the same month.
    Apr-2017: KTKLN / contract expires.

    For her Dec-2016 trip, is she required to renew her KTKLN? We only plan to discuss the terms of her contract renewal next year.

  178. Helpless berkata:

    Hi, I am bringing my helper from Singapore to Bandung for holiday. Her previous KTKLN card has expired. It is a short trip of 3 days. Does she needs to apply for KTKLN? We are not any agent and we do not know how to read BAHASA. Can you help us? What should we do? Thank you.

  179. Sam berkata:

    Your website is extremely helpful. My helper is leaving for her 2 weeks holidays next Monday. Her KTKLN card has expired, but her passport expires in 2019, Singapore work permit and contract expire on Jan 2017. Can she apply for the KTKLN card without a new contract and use the old one because by the time she is back from holidays the old contract is still valid. We can apply when is back as we are rushing for time now.

    Thank you


  180. Joelle Lim berkata:

    Dear Humari,

    I am hiring my helper which will be coming in a couple of weeks time. She has previously worked in Singapore and just returned in October 2016. I have done the work permit application and has gotten the inprincipal approval also. Insurance also i bought and contract i have also prepared.

    1) does she require a KTKLN card? I am not sure she has one with her previous employers.
    2) does the contract (i printed out from our ministry of manpower website) required indonesia embassy endorsement after we both signed?

    Many thanks for your help.


  181. Lim berkata:

    I was informed that maid need to buy both indonesia and malaysia medical insurance starting from 2015. If maid want to go back for holiday then this is a must, is it true?

  182. Lim berkata:

    saya difahamkan mulai 2015, maid perlu membeli insuran kesihatan untuk Malaysia dan Indon barulah dia boleh balik bercuti, dan polisinya mesti hidup sekurang2 3 bulan semasa dia hendak balik ke Indon

  183. Lim N L berkata:

    Hello Humari, my helper started helping us since June 2015. Her contract/KTKLN expires June 2017. She is going back home for holiday for two weeks in dec 2016. Any issues with her exit from Indonesia back to malaysia after the holiday? Thank you.

  184. Lim berkata:

    Pak, my maid is just going for 1 month holiday. I am confuse now because the staff in Indonesia embassy in Malaysia says that there is now e-ktkln and my maid just need to go to the nearest office to get a finger print scan, that is all, no medical check up and also there is no need to pay anything.
    But reading some of your blogs, it seems that for e-ktkln, medical check up is still required and payment is needed.
    She does not have a lot of money. So is medical check up required and are there other things that she need to do and pay for e-ktkln?

  185. Lim berkata:

    I’ve also read that we can register here for the e-ktkln, http://ktkln.bnp2tki.go.id/tkiprof.htm
    So, why not just register there and no need to even visit any BP3TKI, right?

  186. Lya Nic berkata:

    Syallom pa.
    Maaf ganggu, pak tanggal 12 bulan ini saya akan cuti ke Indonesia, Tapi masalahnya surat kontrak kerja yang baru di buat di KBRI, ada kesalahan penulisan Alamat, yang tidak sesuai dengan yang ada di passport.
    Apakah saya harus dengan majikan saya ke KBRI untuk memperbaiki kesalahan penulisan alamat tersebut, Atau saya tidak perlu memperbaikinya..
    Bagaimana pak, Mohon penjelesannya.
    Dan Untuk Medical & pembuatan E-KTKLN , saya tidak mempunyai KTP, Apakah saya nanti di tolak oleh petugas BP3TKI, karena saya hanya mempersiapkan Passport, Visa (Work Permit), dan surat kontrak kerja..
    Apakah untuk medical, memerlukan KTP atau tidak?.
    Mohon di balas pak…


    • Humari berkata:

      Kalau masih ada kesempatan, datangi KBRI, perbaiki alamat yang salah. Semua WNI harus punya E-KTP. Jadi diurus saja. Kalaupun belum keluar sampai Anda menjelang berangkat, pihak kelurahan akan memberikan Anda Nomor Induk Kependudukan (NIK). Surat keterangan bahwa Anda sudah mempunyai NIK bisa dijadikan pengurusan di BP3TKI terdekat. Medical check up tak memerlukan KTP melainkan paspor

  187. Lya Nic berkata:

    Terimakasih banyak pak,
    atas penjelasannya.


  188. Lim berkata:

    Pak, it seems that my maid claim that she need to pay 1 million rupiah to get Ktkln in Atambua, Kupang. We went to Indon Emabassy in Malaysia 1 month ago and they say it is free. So which one is correct?

  189. Lim berkata:

    Pak, another question, the ktkln, what if my maid do not do it, can they still get out of Indon to go back to work in Malaysia?

    • Humari berkata:

      Depends on the immigration staff. Sometimes they let them passing sometimes they don’t

      • Lim berkata:

        Pak, it seems that my maid claim that she need to pay 1 million rupiah to get Ktkln in Atambua, Kupang. We went to Indon Emabassy in Malaysia 1 month ago and they say it is free. So which one is correct?

      • Humari berkata:

        It is free. She only need to pay as much as IDR 290.ooo to renew her insurance which valid for two years

  190. Uni berkata:

    Hi Pak, saya baru employ pembantu rumah tangga 2 bulan lalu dan berencana membawa dia liburan ke indonesia. Dia cuma punya dua carik kertas dari BNP2TKI yang menyatakan ‘keterangan telah mengikuti PAP’ dan No E-KTLKN. Pertanyaan saya:
    1. Apakah ini berarti dia sudah punya E-KTKLN yang benar? Jika iya, bagaimana tahu kapan expiry date nya (tidak disebut di kertas tersebut)?
    2. Selain work permit, KLKLN dan passport, perlu bawa document apa lagi supaya dia bisa dikasi terbang ke singapore lagi?
    3. Saya baca diatas perlu working visa, visa apa ya pak? bagaimana apply nya?
    4. Apakah perlu tulis alamat saya di belakang passport dia?

    Terima kasih banyak.

    • Humari berkata:

      1. Ya. Bisa dicek di situs bnp2tki.go.id
      2. Tunjukkan kartu asuransi. Kalau sudah mengikuti PAP yang urus penerbangan adalah PPTKIS/PJTKI di Indonesia.
      3. Kalau sudah PAP ya sudah punya visa
      4. Tidak perlu.

      • Uni berkata:

        Terima kasi banyak, pak. Dia sudah mulai kerja disingapore 2 bulan lalu, sekarang saya mau bawa dia pulang liburan untuk 1 minggu saja. Saya yang akan belikan tiket pesawatnya.

        – Persyaratannya sama kan ya pak – e-KTLKN, passport dan work permit sudah cukup?
        – Dia tidak dikasi kartu asuransi tapi sudah bayar asuransi (dari agent) dan ikut PAP, bagaimana ya pak untuk dapet kartu asuransi sekarang?

  191. Stanny Ong berkata:

    Pak Humari, apakah calon TKI (Domestic Worker) perlu memiliki KTKLN pada saat mereka pertama kali berangkat ke luar negeri untuk bekerja? Ataukah KTKLN hanya diperlukan pada saat mereka kembali ke Indonesia dan ingin bekerja kembali ke luar negeri?

    Pertanyaan tambahan: Dokumen apa saja kah yang perlu dipersiapkan oleh Calon TKI pada saat terbang ke luar negeri untuk pertama kalinya? Sebagai catatan Calon TKI ini hanya memiliki “prior approval” dari pemerintah luar negeri, akan tetapi untuk bisa bekerja secara resmi sang CTKI masih perlu memenuhi beberapa persyaratan medical dan insurance dari negara tujuan (e.g. Singapore).

    Terima Kasih.

    • Humari berkata:

      Ya. Perlu. Sekarang namanya E-KTKLN. Yang diperlukan: medical check up, E-KTKLN. Untuk pengurusannya hanya lewat PJTKI/PPTKIS (agen) resmi.

      • GRACE berkata:


        My helper will go back Medan Indonesia on 8 Mar 2017 (tomorrow).
        I have done the work agreement for her at Indonesia embassy in Singapore.
        Since we bought insurance for her in singapore (by MOM law), can she take this insurance certificate to apply e-KTKLN instead of apply new insurance in Indonesia.

        About the medical check up…is it really necessary dox when apply in Medan BP3TKI.
        My helper was scan of all this procedures…cos she only go back for one week and has no time to prepare all this

      • Humari berkata:

        It’s simple medical check up and there is doctor assigned in BP3TKI Medan.

  192. William berkata:

    Hi, my helper’s passport expired in October 2017 and her work permit is valid till September 2018.

    Does she have to renew her passport?

    Thank you.


  193. Hamidah berkata:

    Bagaimana sekiranya KTKLN tidak di buat s embassy sbelum maid berangkat utk holiday. Boleh tak maid saya pulang dgn selamatnya?

    • Humari berkata:

      Boleh. Tak mengapa. Tapi saat hendak berangkat lagi harus urus E-KTKLN. Sebelum balik ke Indonesia, Anda urus kontrak di embassy

  194. Munirah berkata:

    If my maid is from Ponorogo, where is the nearest office for her to apply for ktkln?

  195. Munirah berkata:

    I checked BNP2TKI website. I found a record of her as “TKI sudah e-KLKTN”. Is there an expiry date for e-KLKTN? She is going back to Indonesia next week and wondering if she needs to go to BNP2TKI again?

    • Humari berkata:

      It means that Munirah’s KTKLN is not expired yet. She need not to got to BNP2TKI. E-KTKLN valid for two years after date of issuance

  196. MUNIRAH berkata:

    Salam cik Humari. Thank you for the detailed article.
    I intend to direct hire an indonesian maid that I know well, who previously worked in singapore before.
    I understand the documents she require to come in to singapore to work n will prepare the documents for singapore customs. However, my only worry is the indonesian customs. Pls advice me are these the only documents required for her successful attempt to cross indonesian customs?
    1) ktkln card 2) her medical check up report
    3) air ticket 3) insurance

    See your advice.

    • Humari berkata:

      Direct hiring for maid is prohibited by our government. So legally the employer can’t hire or recruit directly. Illegally? Many 🙂

      1. KTKLN card for maid can only be processed by recruitment agency in Indonesia
      2. Medical report can be in any lab clinic that have the license from our ministry of health. They are known here as ‘klinik TKI’.
      3. Insurance being paid altogether with KTKLN
      4. Air ticket is easy. If your maid has KTKLN you can buy for her and send the ticket via whatsap

      Btw, it is better if you find the agency and ask them to process the paper of the maid

  197. Wee berkata:

    Dear Mr. Humari,
    My maid already back for holiday in Lara Paba, Nusa Tenggara Timur, she is having difficulty to renew her KTP due to already expired. As I understand KTP is one of the document required for e-KTKLN, may I know if you have or know any agency overthere that can assist her on this? Thanks.

  198. cardwarsmaster berkata:

    Salam Humari,

    My family is planning for holiday in Yogjakarta together with my maid at end of December 2017. My maid already has the e-KTKLN; however it was expired in November 2017. Appreciate if you could advise the followings:
    1. Will Indonesia immigration allow my maid returning back to Malaysia if her e-KTKLN has already expired?
    2. Is it a requirement to have valid date for e-KTKLN even the maid is travelling with her employer?
    3. Can e-KTKLN be renewed in Yogjakatra as my maid is from Medan? What are the other documents required other than Employment Contract (endorsed by KBRI KL)?

    Thanks – Suhaimi

    • Humari berkata:

      1. Yes
      2. No
      3. Yes. You and your maid need to visit our nearest embassy/consulate to get new contract. It is required by to get new E-KTKLN

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